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  1. Bought a set of these from @Mar71nand really happy with them. Total bargain if you ask me.
  2. Sorry, keyless fuel cap not ignition.
  3. I have a K1 and an L Slingshot and the filler cap holes are the same for both. Don't know if ignition fits. I used a keyless Harris on my Slingshot and can't recommend highly enough. Great quality and solves the matching key issue.
  4. Nice chap down near Ilminster made a new stem for my mirror. Next job some new glass.
  5. Just in case anybody needs them. Photos of how the GSXR 750 L mirror is assembled. My next job is get the stem welded or remanufactured in steel. Then work out what to use instead of the adhesive foam stuff in the mirror and buy a new mirror glass.
  6. I did check out Hindle but they didn't appear to do the 1990 750. Thanks for the NRC recommendation
  7. What brand are the covers with the R? Rocker cover looks great. Plenty of ideas for me, thanks
  8. Cheers, much appreciated.
  9. What a great suggestion. I might as well make it a cafe racer and give you the fairing as well.
  10. I hadn't considered wrinkle powder coating. I don't suppose you have a photo of your rocker cover to hand. Thanks
  11. Hi I am looking to add a bit of bling to my Slingshot in the new year. Thinking of new alternator and clutch cover. Thinking either something like NRC with a ceracote finish or Yoshimura. I believe you lose the oil sensor with Yoshi. Does anybody have any views or experience of options. What colours do you reckon? Also fancy coating the rocker / can cover red. Inspired by the stuff on Moto Junkie from Japan. To go on my Lucky Strike L model. Also as my Cobra exhaust was a massive failure if I get a visa refund I am in the market for an exhaust. Currently thinking racefit or Moto Junkie bespoketitanium but open to options. All comments gratefully received. Happy new year to all.
  12. Pics are on my laptop at work but if I get a chance I will post. These some that I have on my phone. Link pipe only partially went inside the silencer. Guessing the internal diameter inside narrows. Distance for the spring was far too great. I don't have a pic on my phone on the angle on the pipe compared to the side of the bike. Best description was pipe starts behind the foot peg and the inside edge of the silencer was aligned to the outside edge of the indicator. Rather than the outer edge of the indicator lining up mid silencer. I will post a pic when I get chance.
  13. I can't go in to great detail as it isn't permitted to post negative comments. Full bike specific system purchased. Silencer to link pipe fit was poor and angle of position in relation to the side of the bike didn't meet my expectations.
  14. Well nearly 6 months after starting the post I can't finish it. As I respect rule 16 nothing more will be added. Ah well, back to the drawing board.
  15. Didn't think of that. I will crack on with it today.
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