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  1. Both are cable tachos, but that doesn't mean it will work. As you suggested, i just have to try it out. So i ordered the tacho and as soon as i have it, i will make some tests with a drill (both Suzis are currently partially into pieces).
  2. God damnit, i used the wrong term. Sry for the confusion!! I always mistakes those two... To mak sure: i want to use the rev counter from a GS 450 on a Gs 750. The question is, if this will work? Cheers
  3. Hey richyrich. Just to be clear, i don't mean the speedo (km/h or miles). I want to use the tacho (or rev counter?) from the GS 450. Not sure about the part numbers though.
  4. Good evening, does anyone know if the tacho from the suzuki gs 450 s or l will work on a GS 750? I have a plan in mind and it seems the tacho from the GS 450 has the same size as the tachometre from the GS 750 L. Cheers, Harald
  5. Yeah, thought about the too. But i want to make sure that i have something that really fits and and maybe i will use the left over conversion kit for a later time. I also can compare the front and rear sprockets and take some measurements, which will help to make the 530 kit truly fit. And it is not like the 530er kit is going to waste away. By owing now two GS 750s, sooner or later i will need a new chain
  6. Indeed quite a nice word. Re-read the post from yesterday and corrected some other spelling errors. Forgive me for my poor use of the language, but unfortunately, i was never good at learning different languages. Although i read quite a lot english literature...
  7. Got the information that you can't use a 530 conversion on a Suzuki GS 750. It's an earlier model with spoke rims. Yesterday i removed the front Sprocket and inspected everything. According to cmsnl and the manual book, everything seems to be right. After that i put loosely evertyhing back together. By doing that, i noticed some possible extra space. Then I pushed the sprocket aginst the nut and tried to turn the chain again. This time it worked. Conclusion: you either need a 640 conversion kit or an additional space ring ( maybe 1-3mm?). Hard to guess...
  8. Where did you get this picture? Cause in the official work manual from the GS 750 this part is not listed! Doublechecked that.
  9. I can't check anything if i can't put the chain on the sprocket Maybe i need another spacer (just a few mm) put behind the sprocket? Or i try the original settings..
  10. Yes, i checked for the parts and everything is there, where it should be. Even checked the dimensions of the spacer (Nr. 37) Yes, without any problems. And no, the rear sprocket isn't mounted at the moment. What i can say is, that it seems the chain is hitting against the inner casis the left middle point. Maybe it is the 530 sprocket? Thinking about ordering the original set up. Cheers.
  11. It is not in gear. I checked that first It seems there is not enough spece between the chain to inner side. I can only turn the chain to the point seen in the picture. Guess i need a distancer or something like that...
  12. Hey guys, i have a little problem with me recent purchase, a GS 750. Turns out the previous owner changed the front sprocket from 15 to 14 and rear sprocket from 41 to 43. The purchase also included a new chain, a 530 ZRT - 114. After consultating Greg (alias Nanno), we came to the conclusion that this type of chain should work. My problem now is, that it simply does not. If i put the chain on the front sprocket it fits nicely, but i can't turn the sprocket. Something seems to be in the way and i have no idea what. Can anyone may enlighten me? Any help would be really appreci
  13. I bought a new one from cmsnl for about 80 euro and it works fine. Not the cheapest solution, but i guess it's fair for something that rare.
  14. Hello guys, i have a little problem and could need some help. My original fuel petcock started leaking and the repair kit didn't fit properly either, so that it was even worse in the end. Seems like that this a common problem among all the repair kits. After some research, i found the Tourmax 308 which fits the GS 750 perfectly. The only issue i have is the way the outlet shows...To the right and it's a pain in the a** to properly place the fuel tube..At least for me. There is also no other way to place it cause of the narrow space..Does anyone know a solution or an alternat
  15. Yeah, the one you have should be a cheap replica fitting the GS 750. You will probably need something like this: https://www.Eblag.at/itm/KR-Benzinhahn-Fuel-tap-FPC-306-SUZUKI-GS-550-850-1000-GSX-750-1100-1980/161109280230?hash=item2582dc85e6:g:QXQAAOSw~y9ZAcFg
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