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  1. I bought a new one from cmsnl for about 80 euro and it works fine. Not the cheapest solution, but i guess it's fair for something that rare.
  2. Hello guys, i have a little problem and could need some help. My original fuel petcock started leaking and the repair kit didn't fit properly either, so that it was even worse in the end. Seems like that this a common problem among all the repair kits. After some research, i found the Tourmax 308 which fits the GS 750 perfectly. The only issue i have is the way the outlet shows...To the right and it's a pain in the a** to properly place the fuel tube..At least for me. There is also no other way to place it cause of the narrow space..Does anyone know a solution or an alternat
  3. Yeah, the one you have should be a cheap replica fitting the GS 750. You will probably need something like this: https://www.Eblag.at/itm/KR-Benzinhahn-Fuel-tap-FPC-306-SUZUKI-GS-550-850-1000-GSX-750-1100-1980/161109280230?hash=item2582dc85e6:g:QXQAAOSw~y9ZAcFg
  4. The switch would work just fine, but i won't stay in position and furthermore, a thread broke out a few days ago. Tried to glue in a new one with different kind of 2k epoxy, but nothing worked til now...Got really frustrated and because of this, i thought about getting a "new" one. So i ordered one from CMNSL True, but i don't want to wait years. Not because of a switch. And as you should already know, i don't intend to stay completly original.
  5. Morning Guys, Does anyone know if can replace the right switch from a GS 750 with some from another brand without messing with wiring? Can't find any original replacements anywhere... Thanks in advance. Cheers, Harald
  6. No no, of course it's worm driven Just asking cause i found an offer in germany. On the other hand i also just found something from a 650 Katana (also worm driven). Yeah, i just don't get why the people here, who are on the hand so nice and always ready too help, on the other hand nearly get an heart attack when i mention ho##da. That's something i will probably never understand, cause i love bikes from all types of brands. Yeah the thing is that i just couldn't find any single good looking instruments from suzuki. The tip with the GS 650 L is great, but they are quite
  7. I Yeah, and i would use them without any doubt if they did work. I really can't understand the hate towards this brand, but well, not my problem. Thanks wraith! Do you know if the instruments from the GS 450 may work? Speedo yeah, but the tacho? They can also be used as single units und look simple but nice.
  8. Why not? I really like their finish and they work quite well on my Gurls blouse. FFS, i don't care about your irrational Gurls blouse hate and will use whatever fits my taste. But thanks anyway for the tips. The GS 750 have no outer shell and i don't have the abilitys to make one. Additionally i should mention that i want two single units and not one whole unit like the original GS 750 cockpit. I prefer a clean, minimalistic look without a ton of plastic. Cheers
  9. Morning Guys, i am currently looking for a replacement speedo and tacho for my GS 750 and could really use some help. Tried out the instruments from a CB 550, but the speedo doesn't really work above 120km/h and the tacho shows general wrong numbers. Shame, cause i really like the size and look of these kind of instruments. Does anyone of you may know similar ones, which do function on the GS 750? I don't care about the brand, but i would prefer old ones that just do their job. Thank you very much in advance. Harald
  10. I adjusted the setting of thecarbs just like in the link describtion you had sent me. I use the original jets and air filter box and the carbs are running really nice at the moment, even without any synchronistation so far. Would love to change the air filter box to simple pods though, but it seems to be a rather difficult task unfortunately. Well i hope that it charges the batterie while running. To make sure it won't drain the batterie, i installed a simple battery disconnecter switch. Takes 5 seconds now to simply disconnect the circuit after a ride
  11. Not sure if anyone is still interested but here is a little update. I was able to detect the electrical issue after some testing. Turned out that i made mistake with the wiring of the "new" regulator from a Kawa GPZ 500 S. As you probably all know, this is the original wiring of the GS: And this is the one of the GPZ Now i did the wiring like this: 3x yellow - alternator, white/red -> plus, black -> ground and brown -> orange (ignition plus?). Now the bike turns off as it should, although i'm not sure if brown is really connected correct. Well,
  12. I didn't clean the carbs by just using some regular carb cleaner of a can. Well, not the third time At the third time, i completly dismantled the carbs and put them in a special ERC cleaner over the night. Greg or Nanno as he is known here gave me this tip and it worked wonders. The electrical problem is annoying and i hope i will find the issue in the following weeks. I mean, i should find the problem if i follow the cables of the ignition, don't i? Short Edit: Screwed in the air pilots a 1/4 turn and adjusted the idle srew. Now the bike drives way better. As it'
  13. Thanks guys. My next and hopefully last big challenge are the carbs i guess in order to make her run better? She starts immediatly with the choke on. Engine cracks up, then goes down to 1000 - 2000 revs. At this moment, it's possible to drive for a few minutes but not really smooth. There is misfiring and throttle response is sometimes lagging. If i slowly remove the choke (about half a turn), the engine cracks up til it gets better. At this point she runs better (maybe best), but far from beeing perfect. If i remove the choke, the engine goes out. Also, if the engine is running an
  14. Today i received the missing parts i ordered a while ago in order solve the mystery of the gear shifting problem. I replaced the shaft, the spring and put in the missing dowels (or spacers). Then i put everything back together, filled in some 10W 40 Oil, startet her up, did a short run (still not registered yet) and hell yeah, the shifting works just fine and without anymore problems. Don't know what solved the problem in the end, the shaft or missing dowels, but well i don't really care. So here is the simple solution for my problem which took me weeks to figure out. All tha
  15. I searched the whold god damn house and couldn't find any glass of plate or an old mirror. Other than a bent shaft, i found another possible reason for my problem. https://www.cmsnl.com/suzuki-gs750ec-1977-b-usa-e03_model34282/partslist/BLCK0013.html#.Xt57kp4za8o . Number 15, out of the 6 spacers 4 are missing. Maybe this could result in a slightly disortion of the cover when tighten up the bolts?
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