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  1. Think i need to convert most of the listed bikes to a factory "Twin Shock Edition" ... or just read the lbs as kilo's.. then i am Ok
  2. Wait...you think your turbo is too high for a good gravity drain? Maybe a picture will help.
  3. This is a 5yo thread, the topic starter has not been on here since august 2017. I would not expect an answer from him. Other might chime in
  4. It should have read "Valve lift / cam lobes ok" . A worn camshaft lobe or camshaft profile will result in a weird running bike because the valve will open less. Happy hunting
  5. I have -recently- not gone through your previous attempts to fix this but here are a few pointers: Compression ok? Valve clearance ok? Valve lift / caml obe ok? Have you checked the carb top for cracks or leaks? / is the o-ring installed ( if applicable )? Is the carb diaphragm pinched, ruptures or even a pinhole->easiliy overlooked If you connect vacuumgage 3 on 4.. do you get the same results? Have you bench sync the carbs prior to this result? HTH to keep you sane
  6. Based on the engine year ( and your forum name ) you are looking for a new crankshaft for a 1135CC EF aka a GS1150. The ES designation might fool others and might have you ending up with a 1075cc version. - Are you looking for a EU delivery address to forward it again or advice on a forwarding service? If you are asking for the part from a member, this would need to go in the Marketplace which you can not access yet due to your post count.
  7. They look a bit like a Marving Mach inspired system. "293958126979" to give you an idea
  8. I vaguely remember pushing the airbox rubbers in to get more wiggle room. I cannot remember if that was a succes but hey... we still had Guilders back when i owned a ET
  9. That is not the update i was hoping to see Lucky B...imota.
  10. In the link R1GUY posted, the current seller had the intention on cleaning up the welds on the head stock. It doesnt look that happened. From what i see it has no registrations of paperwork. Without that... it is track day use only. I think that would put me off. I doubt getting it registered as a road bike is easy otherwise it would have it already
  11. And i will point you to the rules. Please have a look at them and post a intro about you and bike. Thank you
  12. Rami, you need to turbo and wide wheel it. Like the one you regret selling
  13. It probably wont show up for Tony due to shipping limitations set by the seller. 312000529087 is the listing numper Joseph posted Direct link
  14. Try and broaden your seach, seach different countries , even search in different language. ( use google translate for that ) I have recently seen complete units (cowl, headlight and chrome trim) sell for no more than €70 an Eblag Italy.
  15. The way you type it... sounds to me like the side stand switch is still active.
  16. Hi and Welcome to OSS. Please post a more detailed introduction. (There might be someone close to you.) Congratulation on the purchase
  17. Blubber


    Nice to see this is still "on" How is the gsx1400 frame project going?
  18. If asking for an opinion: The numberboard / headlight is the only item that distracts me from all your hard and nice detailed work.
  19. Mechanical porn or lubed up porn? Just asking for a friend
  20. Hanmā-shin Hamamatsu- The Hammer God of Hamamatsu- A brief history Ancient depiction of the Hammer God, Hanma-shin Up until the early 90’s Hanma-shin could be found in the Suzuki factory at Hamamatsu where he diligently watched over the work of Suzuki’s designers and technicians, blessing their work with his divine and mighty hammer and scroll. Legend has it that his hammer is made from the very same meteorite that crashed to earth and killed the Dinosaurs. It is also said that the in-line four Suzukis of the 80’s and early 90’s owed their explosive power and durability to the thunder of his mighty hammer, which he divinely bestowed on each and every machine that rolled off the production line. It is also written that he was never without his sacred scroll of engine tuning spells which were attached to his hammer handle by the power band from a GT750. The story goes that only one man ever got to view the contents of his sacred scrolls. He was a young mechanic named Pops who, after glimpsing their contents, was promptly forced to flee in fear of divine retribution. Some say the Hanma-shin never fully recovered from the trauma. Things really started to go down hill for him shortly after that when he refused to bless a water cooled in-line four engine that was in development at the factory. He was rarely seen again after that. By the late 90’s there were whispered rumours that night watchmen at the factory reported older production lines for EFEs and oil cooled GSXR engines just starting up of their own accord. Technicians working on Suzuki’s latest models reported missing front ends and swing arms as well as other cutting edge cycle parts. The legend goes that somewhere in the factory there is a hidden room where Hanma-shin has built a stable of the most perfect old skool Suzukis. The bikes that Suzuki should have built but never did. They are rumoured to be the perfect blend of old skool grunt and cutting edge bling. For years after his disappearance there were reports of H*nda Firebl@des in the staff car park being found smashed. The management of the factory put this down to badly driven delivery trucks but staff reported that the bikes very clearly looked like they had been smashed by a huge mash hammer. A long serving Suzuki executive told us that all rumours and sightings had abruptly ended around about the same time Suzuki had introduced the water-cooled Bandit. He said he thought this had been the last straw for Hanma-shin. I am pleased to end this sad story on a high, for after many years in the wilderness, Hanma-shin has finally mastered the wonders of the internet. After months of surfing inane, confused and frankly pointless motorcycle “web dwellings” ( as he calls them) he was on the verge of raising his mighty Hammer to smash his 10th computer of the day when the “sage oracle” ( this is what he calls Google) suddenly spoke to him of a distant clan of mortals by the name of the OSS, who had not yielded but had instead stayed true to the ancient ways, forsaking all other things. Since then he has carefully observed that the OSS too live by the hammer and scroll and in turn has come to realise that the OSS is an Island sanctuary in all the interweb and indeed in all the world. Perhaps here, he thought he might find lasting peace. Here at oldskoolsuzuki.info he truly believes he has found his spiritual home. A place were fellow Luddites burn the midnight oil in secret rooms toiling to create the perfect Oldskool Suzukis by pilfering incidentals from modern machinery. He also loves the rules so much, that he has a laminated copy and slipped it in beside his sacred scrolls. Henceforth he has pledged his mighty hammer and his blessing to our cause. Hanma-shin has agreed to allow us to use his hammer as our symbol and his image as our emblem on our “interweb dwelling” ( website) on our machines and on our “tunics” ( hoodies n’ that). Thank you Hanma-shin, may your blessing give us success and your hammer protect us. OSS- Hanma-shin emblem for the back of our tunics? The new OSS logo. Hanma-shin’s mighty hammer
  21. Or a RF, DR, a VX..... Or maybe a earlier model registered later to up the guessing game
  22. plus... the swing arm has spacers behind the dust seals . at least mine did.
  23. sell them in parts...... if we are still talking about bikes. If your "kids" are the biological types... ignore my first suggestion. Dont want to come over all Jason Voorhees from the movie Friday the 13th
  24. Because you need "man" hands to operate the clutch of a EFE . Viz knows.. because only his misses drives one ( it is called Valentino ) link
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