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  1. If that fails.. I have a spare cardboard box you can borrow
  2. Are you done yet? ps.. the next hype is injection
  3. I believe that one is triggered by an optical sensor in the speedo.
  4. Just had a closer look at your frame: you appear to have a original naked version. I has a ESD ; a faired version, the version just like Spike posted. Therefore you need to create mounting points on 3 locations: 1) Head race ( above the frame tag, you can see a protruding nut - you need that on both sides ) 2) Left hand frame tube, behind your horn ( the perforated strip in the picture below) 3) Right hand frame tube, behind your horn (again the perforated strip) If you look at the frame below you can see the mount points
  5. Fit the katata fairing bracket to the ESD frame mounts, shave some plastic from the Katana cowling to clear the ESD tank and... TaDaaaahh. I made a small modification to the head race bracket to get the lines flow better. I don't think it took me longer than an afternoon in my humble shed to do the conversion. I know it took me longer to fabricate the windscreen in aluminium
  6. One i did... 10 ish years ago Yup.....A katana fairing fits pretty easy Looked like this in its final stage, before I sold it.
  7. It is a one owner 2002 bike with 48.00kms on the ODO. I have started servicing it already (fresh fluids mostly) found nothing weird....yet (only proof of a once fitted alarm) It might need a new rear disc + pads but for now it will do. Might turn into a project but hope to do some driving first
  8. According to Suzuki it is air cooled with SACS, has a cradle frame.. only it isn't oldskool it has some scars, has been sleeping outside but it runs good. Let the shopping begin Already sourced: Different exhaust; on its way Different shocks; on its way New instrument cluster housing; on its way.
  9. Blubber


    Looks like a donor engine might be cheaper
  10. Combine it with a visit to the family then
  11. On a more serious note: Now that OSS is "back" and gets more and more media coverage, I would expect more people attending I have been to a few UK based OSS do's AND the Bulldog to meetup with OSS- ers Each time it was fun to meet up/ drink/ talk/ laugh ....(fill in the blanks) with fellow OSS-ers and to see them in action e.g. at the strip. If, by chance, there was a band, a dyno shoot out, engine smashing or a food truck it was nice/ convenient but not the reason i went. And a different location just meant getting a different ferry line for me But.......if you say you are coming to the do...you better be coming to the do
  12. Including the ones that live in other countries (like captain chaos) i would guess ....25 registered users ? - Maybe Jelly or ReneEFE can get you the correct number.
  13. Thank you mr. Dunn Fixed.
  14. You forgot "too far"
  15. Blubber

    New bike

    Hahaha, was gonna say something about Eef gaining weight.... Guess I won't anymore Hoi Eef
  16. Blubber

    New bike

    Nice starting point And.... Smart decoy
  17. A complete R1 front end will swap over in a EFE, you need one odd ball top bearing. If you find ground clearance is limited... loose some weight or get a sebring flat collector (my best bet)
  18. good luck with your project BTW
  19. Nice bike indeed. And the exhaust is smart too.
  20. Wow... cool bike. very well executed. Looks kinda stockish... which works for me (en... succes met de operatie)
  21. Cosmo IS the name of a elf. Guess the name is correct
  22. Yup ESD's are nice. ps. they even get better with slotted cam sprockets and RS36, and another front end, etc hahaha Enjoy
  23. 2008 was a bit wet, IF i remember correctly.... I do remember them having Adnams Regatta on draft ... and running out of it... hahahaha
  24. Yep, can't argue with that Keep adding pictures people! - I know there are many many more pics made.
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