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  1. Hope this guides you in the correct direction
  2. Use the one you have got / can afford. Either will work fine
  3. On one of my first backyard engine rebuilds - (as a spotty 17 year old) i managed to cock up the cam timing: it was off by one 1 tooth on both cams. It eventually would start. Based on that experience: is your cam timing is correct ?
  4. Doubt that, he visited the site 3 hours for your reply
  5. @CLAYA Whilst most of us will be trying to help you.... your bike is not very common on here: Read why below: What is Oldskoolsuzuki? From the original site: "Early eighties till early nineties, air/oil-cooled double-cradle frames SUZUKI inline fours GS/GSX/GSX-R non-commercial website for sharing technical information SHARE THE PASSION!" So, that means that the primary focus is and has always been 4 cylinder GS, GSX and pre-watercooled GSX-R. "But, there was other stuff on the old site" I hear you cry! Yes, some other Suzuki bikes were there however it was always a secondary thing. There is a difference between 'tolerance' and 'interest'. For example, pictures of a standard mint condition EFE or slabby would get people drooling however a standard bandit wouldn't have the same effect. "But, we need a definitive list" I hear you ask! * OK so we know that 4 cylinder GS, GSX and pre-watercooled GSX-R are the primary focus * We don't mind pre-SRAD watercooled GSXRs as much as we do more modern stuff * SRADs just about slide in as do RFs * Hayabusas are in - first generation only * We like TLS and TLR 1000s * Being single can be fun, we like DR and DR-engined derivatives such as the Goose * Lets face it, 2-strokes are cool * Bikes with trick (or indeed later Suzuki or even non-Suzuki) frames with one of the above Suzuki engines. These need to have 'Suzuki' on the tank/bodywork though, rather than be pretending to be something else. Water cooled / 650 bandits, Y and K series onwards GSXRs and SVs just aren't old skool. The contentious topic however, is and probably always will be, oil cooled bandits and indeed those new fangled GSX1400s. They share the majority of the engine components with the oil-cooled GSXRs. However, as above, standard bandits / GSX1400s just aren't that interesting. Trick ones are another thing though, there are indeed some out there and we're not talking bolt-on tat. GSXR running gear, 1216 / 1692, flatslides, turbos etc, that makes them interesting! So, you're not going to get banned for owning a bandit (did you see what we did there) or indeed a GSX1400 however please keep this place for interesting ones only. There are plenty of other places out there for standard and M&P catalogue magnet ones . TA
  6. - How does the interlock on the side stand / clutch switch work on the 600F? Some only cut the ignition signal, some also limit the starter motor from turning. It is Fuel injected.. right? Then the clutch switch ICM with the neutral should select a "zero load map" Side stand + side stand relais ( sometimes combined with the blinker relais) , clutch switch, kill switch, tip over sensor... All are OK? It does sound like you will be checking the wiring on the bike vs electrical drawing in the manual.
  7. Have you tried different searches ? GSX750S3 GSX750 S3 or GSX 740 S3 GSX 750 1984 ( also GSX750S4 and GSX750SE ) in combo with scheme / diagram / electrical / wiring @Peterrrmight point you in the correct direction. I know he owns an SE
  8. It is very odd that 2 of your bikes have clutch issues. Are they both running the same oil and is it the correct oil as per manual?
  9. Time voor BlueTooth Camshafts? i have seem people welding new teeth. - what is the alternative: new main journals?
  10. As this is OSS: the only advice "we" will give is to keep the Suzuki's ... and thus sell the other brands. In the real world that ^ doesn't work.. so it is up to you.. again
  11. My limited knowledge of these early style igniters is that the ignition curve is different and fixed. I too think an "CDI" from another model or even brand but same era will work. Electrexworld might also have something suitable. Universal CDI with 10 curves
  12. If i search for 32900-34210 this comes up. Upgraded CDI It states it fits these models: Suzuki GS650GL Suzuki GS650G Suzuki GS650GL Suzuki GS650M 1981 1982 1983 OEM Nummer: 32900-34210 ( 131100-2630 ) Repair site HTH
  13. Yup. Noticed that too. It just shows how eager he is to get his bike back on the road .
  14. Hi. Please post a picture of the bike and the component that you think is Dynatek. Pretty sure some will recognise the brand.
  15. Pics or it did not happen
  16. mmmh... Swedish girls Looks like a nice project (and a lot of space for it too ) Welcome from the Netherlands btw
  17. Some of my colleagues pressed the wrong button by accident. He blames the beers he had I restored it.
  18. Or still protection from shipping?
  19. Hi Phil, As a suggestion: Make a project thread about it, Document your shenanigans and thus entertain every one with that, but most of all : Enjoy tinkering /getting it running. There always be work shite lurking .. that just pauzes project
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