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  1. Yup, same here. I use it a lot.
  2. I think that line was destined for another website "we dont care about stock on here"
  3. 1 probably was connected to the vacuumside of the fueltap. If not used, please blank it of as this effect how much the nr 1 carbs opens
  4. Hi Phil, Good to see you here
  5. From what i read here: Just contact them with your issue. Everyone on here claims that they are very helpful.
  6. On a side note : Wouldn't a 1978 bike mean it is a GS ?
  7. At this age , the tilt / tip over sensor can dry out. Had and seen it happen on more 1st gen FI bikes as on my own 2002 GSX1400. A new to me sensor from Eblag sorted that
  8. I do not think your fuel level is correct as you describe it: Classics usually set their level below the split This picture is not of a BST carb but is does show it is below the split. Hth
  9. If you look up the Suzuki part number, amazon will probably offer you a direct replacement from Bosch or other main brands
  10. https://oldskoolsuzuki.info/forums/uploads/monthly_2021_07/217634948_10161352591062571_5361295859587122383_n.jpg.9095f6d92818963854aa37d7554c498f.jpg 2 topics lower than yours
  11. I can only confirm the fuel pressure is correctly stated by you at 3 bar. Dunno bout the rest
  12. Blubber


    As requested
  13. Blubber

    Lucky Swine

    Is that tank done by Etto ? Noticed a similar tank on IG
  14. I reworked the original text. You - as a newby - are not allowed to request or offer parts....Yet. Share some info, start a build thread and the Marketplace is unlocked after 50 useful post. "Become part of the inner circle" "Get in touch with your OSS side" " That is the way" Just pick one.
  15. Got a beard, use beard oil and have a tattoo, sounds like they forgot to invite me
  16. I used a black enamel stoved 4 in 1 down pipes plus the flat collector from Sebring on my EFE. After the collector is was all custom. Mine was originally designed for a GS1000 so i had to shave some of the cooling ribs of the oil pan for a good fit. Ran very good on it plus it fitted nice and tight.
  17. If you are not sure, you could always do a DNA test.
  18. Check for excessive play on the connecting rods in your carbs ? This causes air leakage on the butterfly feedthrough's playing havoc with idle.
  19. Blubber

    Rs jetting

    Just use the Mikuni datasheet here for a starting point, page 2. 130- 140 ish main jet and 17.5 pilot
  20. As per our rules, wanted ads are only allowed in our marketplace. Please re-read our terms of use if in doubt. TA
  21. Thing I noticed on my EFE back in the day: I was running K&N pods and the shed smelled of fuel every time after I parked it. The fuel in the float bowls evaporated very quickly in that setup. If you combine empty float bowls with a vacuum fuel tap, it will take multiple revolutions to fill and eventualy start. Just a theory
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