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  1. Thanks for that, did you run a check valve in the supply line
  2. Out of interest Rob what size restrictor did you use with VF23 I am running that Turbo I got off you on my build .Thanks
  3. https://www.eblag.co.uk/itm/TURBO-MANUAL-BOOST-CONTROLLER-BALL-AND-SPRING-VALVE/220537042109 This is what I was looking at
  4. Thanks Clive will take a look. Did you get the extra oilpump with it or is that one you bought for later ?
  5. Looking good Clive,where did you get the Scavenge pump ?
  6. mick-ne

    Nico Bakker

    Very well done Sir Fantastic bike
  7. Thanks for that, and forgive me for posting it twice turned laptop on this morning and thought I hadnt pressed submit in a Cider haze,lol
  8. Hi, Does anyone have a wiring diagram for a mk 2 1200 bandit please. Tried searching they all want you to sign up to see them Ta Mick
  9. Where /who did you get that clutch cover Clive, me likey
  10. So glad you and the bike are not too bad could have been very nasty. Hope you are both sorted soon
  11. I have used a Bandit Arm in my ET Today I noticed there is around 2mm float side to side when its bolted up I presumed the Tophats I had made were 2mm too long. Took the Arm out and fitted the normal Bandit Tophats and theyre the same is this normal ? Cheers Mick
  12. Did you ever get this working, I like the idea.
  13. HaHa I know all about that Paul my knees are done in off years of off road riding. Thats the exact reason I want to get somewhere near from the beginning.
  14. Thanks for the replies will have a look at k4 and cbr600, Is yours comfy Paul, theres loads of pics on projects but some look a long way back compared to others. Cheers
  15. Hi All, So my ET project is at the point I need to think about footrests. Basically I could do with some pics of how people have fitted aftermarket rearsets. Also is there something from a particular model that works ? later GSXR R1 ? Has anyone had muck luck with the Chinese specials surely theyre too good to be true ? I have used the search but theres a thousand different ways people have gone with this, I want to end up comfortable so if you have made a balls up before in regards to location please shout up . Cheers Mick
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