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  1. Just a quick update now my bikes all up and running, for future reference in case anyone else needs it! On my ignitor box the Pink and black/red tacho feed turned out to be to opposit way round to that posted above. For testing purposes the 'pink' terminal had an output of 0.9v
  2. Pingel with adapter plate... not the cheapest but top quality.
  3. Thanks @Lachie04with the info I've got now I should be able to sort it out!
  4. amazing, thank you! good job I didn't just re-pin the 6 block as I thought then!
  5. that would be mega if you could! I've got the proper diagrams so as long as I can make the colours out that will work!
  6. Apologies if there is already a post on this... I promise I have spent a loooonnnggg time using the search on here and Google trying to find out... can anyone provide me with a diagram or a photo of which wire goes to which terminal on the below ignitor box (1990 GSXR) please. I have the schematic for the GSXR and the gsx750 my bike is based so I know I have the correct colours, just nothing identifies which terminal each colour goes to! I think the three coil/ (2 lives, 1 earth) and a direct earth go into the larger plug. Then the two ignition signal wires and tacho feed are in the
  7. So it's been relocated approx 40mm back and 20mm higher, it actually sits in corner between the top tube and the webbing.
  8. mine has a gt tank on it, the front mount was moved back and upward slightly which helps the clearance underneath. This pic shows where it sits, if you like I'll get a photo/measurements of the altered mount for you?
  9. exactly... build whatever you like, It's your bike after all!
  10. yeah, stainless has a habit to 'pick-up' if you go in dry.
  11. that looks a pretty comprehensive kit, just make sure you use a bit of copper/ally slip on the bolts when you put them in.
  12. @Gixer1460I'm with you on that, does seem a little odd for a normal sequence... Checking them every 3.5k as well? I've done heads where you have to do them once after Its been through a Full temp cycle (or when hot) but not as part of a regular service!
  13. are you after full caps or just nylon washers? nylon washers are easily available with an eblag search and work really well for bodywork fasteners.
  14. so... are any of the clutch shafts a direct swap for my motor?? I'm starting to think it may be a '91 Reading up on the BST38 carbs it has, they are the 'small hole' type, it says in a thread that the '90 had large drain screws so you could change the jets without dropping the bowls out - mine only has small drains (although I might try and find a set of large hole ones). That's presuming of course they are the original carbs for the engine! When I pull it out to get the frame finished I'll take the rocker cover off and check how the valves are adjusted to be sure!
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