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  1. I'll take some pics at the weekend if it's sunny see if any interest on the bay, with some clip on's it would do a fortune judging by some so called cafe' racers on there ;-)
  2. Guys, I'm thinking about selling but really don't know how to price it. These things always owe us more than we will get back but what's fair, never seen another like it? maybe pm me your thoughts, it will go on here first, then maybe the evil if I don't change my mind
  3. Are their many of these frames out there, mines steel and I think originally designed for early gsxr 750 parts
  4. This bike has been seen by many before and owned by some old members but it's now been 5 years in my guardianship and it should be on here. recent work includes a full carb overhaul and setup, new ram air filter, new ohlins fork internals new ohlins rear spring as the diameter of the original caused it to foul the swing arm as was not up to much. Some electrics tidying and an oil temp gauge has been fitted.
  5. sorry if I'm being dumb but what one is this, do you mean the cam end blank hex plugs?
  6. I used a motogadget mini clock. Just prog in tyre size and it's set
  7. I just put a sensor on the back wheel disc, routed the cable with the brake line, works well
  8. Which one is the side oil gallery?
  9. I wondered if I could tap in to an oil cooler bolt? Mines fitted at the front. Is running the cables from the sump a bit of a ball ache to keep tidy?
  10. ordered a digital oil therm guage for my 1200 bandit engined polygon, where would be best to fit the sender , is there a ready made point for it? It's a 97-99 lump I think
  11. how they should be! Very fine
  12. Wow! Looking forward to paint, very neat build, would love a turbo on my Polygon
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