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  1. Anybody know of any websites that do emulsion tubes for the bst 40's, iv looked on factory pro but their site is a nightmare to navigate. On carb strip down iv noticed 2 that are oval and need replacing. Are the mikuni bst 40 used on any other bikes ie BST40-266 03 is used on the ktm are the parts interchangable.
  2. Looking for exhaust options on the latest 1100 ws and noticed the standard cans are a 3 bolt fixing. Would bolt on aftermarket hayabusa cans fit as they are 3 bolt fixing too or is the inlet diameter different ?
  3. Its not hard, youtube it to get a idea of what you need then once you have done one your laughing.
  4. Well my wp was getting lonely then i happened to out one day and this followed me home 95 ws with 6000 miles on the clock . So off i go again lolnext question .... rules
  5. Well thats her pretty much done unless i start sorting the few scratches etc on the fairing..... all jetted to suit new exhaust also chucked on a new chain and sprocket (530)
  6. OK hit abit of a annoyance ! I had to line the tank as it was getting pretty rusty, filled her up and now the tank is pressurizing and weaping fuel out of the front breather hose. I take it the breather hole ? is somewhere in the tank or is there one in the filler cap ?
  7. Bit more done today, got the link pipe made for the yoshi headers so getting there now....
  8. ahhh sweet ill try that, it's currenly waiting to have a link pipe made then its ready for summer
  9. ahhh ill keep an eye out for some blacks ones
  10. i think they are standard unless im mistaken ? or are they standard on the blue and white.
  11. shes got a few age related scuffs but only 16000 miles
  12. Been lurking for a while absorbing info, picked up this bargain last summer it had been sat under a sheet in a lock up for 21 years. So iv been steadily going through it getting it up and running ready for summer, shes up and running and im just in the process of lining the tank and getting a custom link pipe made up for the yoshi down pipes :). Had her running on twin microns oh its quick ;)
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