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  1. Hi has any one used grumpy 1260 engine mounting plates for oil cooled motor in gsx et got couple of questions to ask if so cheers in advance
  2. Cheers will ask fb, cheers for replys have acquired a set of grumpy brackets so hopefully shouldn't be too much hassle mounting motor
  3. Hi will 1127 gsxr engine work with bandit 1200 loom , and also any one used grumpy 1260 mounting kit thanks in advance
  4. Front is gsxr forks ,gsxr 3.5 wheel ,rear is gsx 1100 metmachex arm, think it's gsxr /bandit 6 4.5 wheel ,have got straight spoke bandit wheels 5.5 rear but don't want to go to large at mo on rear
  5. Sizes of bush and last pic bush inside bandit 12 swinging arm bearing cheers
  6. Yeah haven't got original swinging arm some looking for me bud
  7. Frame been stoved bud and only got 14mm spindle any way bud someone having look see if got set out of swingarm but if you could look when back at work would be much appreciated mate
  8. Excuse my English wasnt at school often
  9. Are they bud were from please mate ,tried ones or centre bush in bandit swinging arm roller and fitted perfect so just as you say 14id ones bud
  10. Metmachex think it's for 1100 /gs1000 which believe have 16mm spindle bud
  11. Yeah buddy but can't get sleeve on own don't think
  12. Managed to get front end fitted thanks in part for someone very kind help ,was going to do rear but swinging arm bearings I'd 16mm my 750 spindle 14mm so going to have to change bearings Or inner sleeves for now to get a rolling chassis
  13. Wad325


    Thanks for input will see what best option is cheers
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