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  1. 90 is a long stroke motor, the measurements confirm this and the 90 conrod will fit both the 86 and obviously the 90 crankshafts A word of warning, when fitting the 90 rods to the 86 crank (i assume this is what you want to do) make sure that you measure very thing and double check every thing fits correctly, this should be done regardless of using different rods etc, if you are using new parts that have not been in a motor before it is very important to check fit. DON'T change just 1 conrond, make sure you change all 4.
  2. bit unsure of what you are asking, if you want to know if earlier model 759 conrods fit, yes but not the 88 and 89 as they were short stroke motors with different size cranks and rods, as for other conrods i do not know. torque setting i will have to look up and post tomorrow Clearence is determined buy a chart which uses the codes depending on crank size and crankcase size, then checked with plasti-guage on a dummy assembly for correct clearance.
  3. just of note the 88 and 89 short stroke motors had different size main and big end bearings and wrist pin sizes to the long stroke motors 88 and 89 have 19mm wrist pin and 36mm big end journal where as the long stroke motors have 18mm wrist pin and 34mm big end journal
  4. Wagola you would be correct, i am not listening. it is not the information that i wanted. It seems that Ted M was the only one that got it.
  5. because you were telling me to remove a jet that is compleatly incorrect for the carbi and measure it. i don't have the correct jets to look at and Jet type ID ring, hence asking which JET was the correct jet. As a side note, i find the first part of your signature interesting ("Racing is Life! Anything that comes before or after is just waiting!" - Good motto for Life. ) as a person that has raced in many different fields and as a sports man i can say that is just not true, if all you are doing is just waiting before and after you are not doing it right, there is endless preparation,
  6. i understand perfectly, you are giving advice without even knowing what has been done to the bike, You are the one not understanding, when i got the bike it ran like shit, i striped the carburfuckingettors and found that who ever had it before me had Kehin pilot jets in it, the Kehin jets are vastly different to the Mukuni jets, when looking for jets the two that i showed at the top of the page are the options for the cabies that i have, yes there is very little difference in them, and you and many others may not worry about the difference, however i prefer to fit the correct type of jet to th
  7. i was saying that what is in there is not stock or even supposed to be in there ie kiehn jet in a mukuni carb, wanting to know what the correct jet was, as shown in the first post the two options, ie what is supposed to be in there. the kehin is nothing like what should be in there and as such i had no reference point to start. what you have shown me is exactly the information that i need, it the jets with the band and 2.5 nozzle is the correct on for the carburfuckingettors, now i can start on tuning it for the pods. Thank you for your time and effort, it is greatly appreciated.
  8. LOL i am fully aware of the meaning, and understand British humor better than most as i grew up in a British colony. the point was that 2/10ths makes fuck all difference and MY point is that if it is NOT the correct Jet the i may as well toss the carbies and start walking
  9. The point i am trying to get to is that i would like to know which type of jet to use, not what size of jet, the bike has pods fitted so any suzuki manual will not have the correct size, the kehin jet is a different length etc, i really don't care what the Kehin's size etc is, what i am chasing it the CORRECT jet type to fit those carbies. BTW 2/10ths is 20hp in a 100hp motor and to me that is a big difference!
  10. Cheers mate, i pretty much know what jet i want to start with, but as stated they had kehin jets which are different again to the mukuni jets, that would be greatly appreciated Clive
  11. that is what i am trying to do, alas since the carbies don't have stock ones, i don't know which ones are stock, are the vm28/486 pilots the stock ones or are the n224.103 the stock ones, see first post for the pictures, i have had a hell of a time finding out what has been done to these carbies by the previous owner, i don't want to guess as to which is stock etc, whom ever worked on these carbies had no idea and took no care with them, the clip that holds the float needle on no 1 carbie was mangled, the tab for the float was way out, the carbie slide was stuffed. i know that the differ
  12. sorry no it is for an 1200. Thankyou for letting me know, i have edited the title to reflect this
  13. the issue is the carbies had Keihn jets in Mukni carbies, i don't have a set of Mukni pilots to measure, some "expert" had worked on them before i purchased the bike, they could not get it to run right.
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