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  1. Hi all, I have bought a few looms, in various states of dis repair, all supposedly for 750/1100 Katanas. Can anyone tell me if there’s an easy way to check? I think I’m right in saying the fuse box is different (hence the connectors are different) Am I correct, and are there any other differences? Thanks
  2. Cheers for the reply Wraith
  3. Apart from the std Kat fuel cap, do any others fit? Would any others fit with minimal mods? Or do I have to buy a race/ flat filler and mod my tank? Cheers
  4. Bought a Gsx 750 frame that someone had started to mod for a bobber.........there is a fare bit of difference, but I guess I need to pull my finger out and get on with things......
  5. This is what I was wondering.......might look for a gsx frame too! Thanks Thats prob what I should of said in the beginning, a Kat silhouette...
  6. I already have a 750 Kat, that I was going to put a B12 motor in. I was toying with the idea of buying another frame ( there’s aGS one advertised near me, hence the question), and building that into a pretend Kat, whilst keeping the real Kat as is/restoring when I can. The tank, is the biggest/expensive part (as mentioned), but most of the other parts are fairly easily available ( as copies), but that doesn’t bother me (too much). It is more expense, work and hassle, but I’m just trying to gauge the problems, before I jump in and commit. Appreciate the comments, thanks
  7. Hi, is there much difference between a gs750 frame and a Kat frame? Thanks
  8. Next on the shopping list is a pipe for the Bandit lump ( before I make the mounts to fit it into the Kat frame). Questions.....will the Kat (750) pipe fit/ work/ be any good? Do later GSXRs (2000 on) fit? -sort of, no chance? Dont really want std down pipes, although would do for mock up/engine positioning. Thanks in advance for the replies (again) paul
  9. Pauly

    Engine covers

    Would 1984-1988 engine covers (ends of crank), fit a 1999 b12 engine? Cheers
  10. Great thanks for confirming that
  11. Hi all, are 600 bandit cases the same as 1200, in so much as the engine mounts are in the same place? thanks
  12. Not sure, the fairing frame on this, is not a Katana one. Unsure of what it’s actually from, it’s a bit beat up and has brackets welded on randomly......
  13. Yes proper Katana not an imposter......
  14. Cheers, will do. After reading the replies, I will use the drawings as suggested as a start point, and adjust/ mod as necessary. Now to buy a set of pipes for the bandit engine....... Paul
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