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  1. Pastyman

    Oil cooler

    Hi ,was wondering if there was any difference between 750 and 1100 slingshot coolers.any help greatly appreciated thanks.
  2. Thanks ,thought so.cheers
  3. Hi are the headers on the 1100 m and n both the same ? Thanks
  4. Yep catch tank is what I done
  5. Great thanks will check it out
  6. Hi I was wondering if anyone would know where I could find the paint codes for my 1100k black and red.im struggling to get anywhere with this,thanks.
  7. Hi was wondering if any other models used the same top yolk as my 1100k .Been trying to find a replacement but with no luck as mine is drilled for risers and I would like an unaltered one.thanks.
  8. On my stage 3 DJ kit I had to go one size up on pilot jet to get it to run correct
  9. Cool I got a 180 on it at moment but got the smaller rim wheel with 160 on it I'm thinking of using as it's original to the bike.thanks for your help
  10. Do any 750 models fit?
  11. Yea it's got 4 vertical fixing lugs on top
  12. Pastyman

    Gsxr 1100k

    Hi I was wondering if the front mudguard and rear hugger off any other models would fit my bike as I need both and can't find much about ,thanks.
  13. Hi was wondering if UK 1100k mirrors were painted white or black on blue and white models?
  14. Finally got around to putting a new needle on the Speedo , ground the old needle off the centre pivot then super glued new one in place after cutting it to size ,now preparing case for Paint.
  15. Thanks buddy thought as much
  16. Hi does anyone know if a rear hugger off a 750 j,k model slingshot will fit my 1100 k model ,I have got the 5.5 wheel off a slightly newer model on the bike at the moment.thanks
  17. Thanks ,I mounted it in a surround I made to fit on my street fighter at the time and that is what caused the problem .now I want to put the original clocks and surround back on which I think are in good condition but I will double check.
  18. Will bear that in mind thanks
  19. Pastyman

    My gsxr's

    Black and silver bike is an n model and blue /white one is a k model I built into this fighter some years ago , still love riding them.
  20. Great thanks, il see if I can glue a replacement over the top cheers
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