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  1. I assume you've tried pressing the stem from the GS into the Bandit yoke? Mine (GS1000) fit right into a 1200 Bandit's.
  2. What are you trying to work out?
  3. Hi Mouse My 78 GS1000's headstock is 7" (178 mm) long.
  4. Hey All Does anyone have any idea what model this GS is? Obviously 1100 top end but the rest looks all GS1000 and is a chain drive. Fairing is OEM. Thanks Mark
  5. My 6 bolt GS1000 carrier fit right in a 1200 Bandit wheel (MK II). Moved the sprocket in considerably and it lined right up with a 13mm offset primary drive.
  6. https://www.Eblag.ca/itm/Suzuki-GS1000s-NOS-Tank/264764248376?hash=item3da52dd138:g:XVMAAOSwFdVe5rlb Meanwhile in North America the price for a tank is ridiculous bordering on sublime. At this rate my spare tank could finance my project.
  7. No, I was just asking if anyone knew of replacement units being produced in the UK. It's weird they (suzuki oem) still sells side covers but not tail pieces.
  8. These are of a GS1000 that I owned in the mid 1980's. The exhaust was produced by a company in Cambridge Ontario (Canada) by a guy named Gary Wolf. All really soft bends and barely a straight section. He made very nice pipes but hasn't been in business for years.
  9. Nice. This one has them replaced replaced with the signals.
  10. Delkevic has these continuous diameter pipes as well that look similar to the Yosh ones for a lot less if you're intending to modify the silencer anyway.
  11. Thanks Blubber but I don't have enough posts to access the for sale section. Thought I'd seen something about fiberglass ones being produced in the UK. Webike Japan has them but they're outrageously expensive. Airtech in California only does the S model fairings and belly pans.
  12. Did I see a thread about someone producing replacement tail pieces for 78-80 GS1000 's somewhere in the UK?
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