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  1. The engine found a home for a while in a proper frame. I really would like to see if I can track down the builder of the R703 engine and ask exactly waht it is. I did try PM'ing Guy Martin thru Faceache but he must be too important and busy to answer mere mortals.
  2. Just as a bit of a side tale to this, Jimmy got the R703 engine from me. It came my way when a friend pointed me in the direction of a locally for sale "aluminium framed blandit". I called the seller but spoke to his Dad who told me this story. "We used to spend a lot of time at the race tracks and (to shorten the story)I bought the bike from Guy Martins mechanic (before he was TV famous by the way)." He did mention the mechanics name but I cant remember it, but he was Guys best mate. Allegedly. The bike was not an aluminium framed Blandit but a "streetfightered" GSXR1100 slings
  3. Jimmy, I've just been cleaning my mk2 blandit 1200 engine and noted the engine number which I noticed started with V720-******. I've checked the V5 which matches up along with 1157 on the engine. My Mk1 1200 blandit engine starts with V719-****** which is again an 1157. I was for a moment confused with the first number being a 7 as I suddenly thought, "it's a 750...." But what would be the chances of me buying 2 1200 blandits and both of them having 750 engines with 1157 on the barrels? None I hope. I dont have a clue with engine numbers though. LOL.
  4. dixiethedog


    Looking great Jimmy.
  5. They are cheaper than I remembered. They do them in all sort's of colour's too. http://www.awesomegraphics.co.uk/epages/Store2_Shop1475.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/Store2.Shop1475/Products/0[643]
  6. Ive used a company called; http://www.awesomegraphics.co.uk/ This is some of there side panel decal's Ive used on my efe panel's. The decal's were great quality and best of all cheap. lol Im sure I only paid about £6-7 for them?
  7. Handling woes or not, what a great looking bike. Good luck with it.
  8. And An fitting's. But usually I buy from Torques if I need thing's quickly.
  9. Ive bought cooler's direct from China via Aliexpress.com with no problem's.
  10. Welcome back. What a great looking bike. It'd bet it's a hoot to ride.
  11. I know this isnt the for sale section, but I have a spare braced JMC arm from a GSXR1100M going spare. If you decide against the Bandit one give me a shout?
  12. I can see the benefit to doing that. Ive had a bash at making some pipe's and it's the making of the exhaust end piece's/flanges etc that seem to take the time to make. If you do, Id be interested to see how you get on.
  13. Thank you Arttu for the info and thank you to Luke for the PM (which I'll answer when I have a bit more time).
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