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  1. Oilcooled noob here so pardon my ignorance... If you were to build a bike from the frame up using a GSXR 1100 or Bandit 1200 engine, would you choose the GSXR 1100 engine/frame or Bandit 1200 engine/frame and why? Which is the better engine/frame? Is the Bandit 1200 frame stiff enough for trackday duty or should I be looking at the GSXR 1100 frame? It appears that the B12 engine bolts up into the GSXR 1100 frame so that may be an option to get a newer engine in an older but stiffer frame? I'm considering putting together a new naked bike/roadrace style trackday build fro
  2. I have a set of RS34s on my tuned (1100 cc pistons, hotter cams etc) 1980 GS1000 which came stock with the 34 mm CV carbs. The RS34s bolted straight up in the carb boots on this setup.
  3. Sounds...brutal. Won't need to buy a new front tire any time soon since it'll never be on the pavement.
  4. Looks great. Nice bitsa on the front end.
  5. +1 on the Hindle. I have one on my GS1000 and it really gave a noticeable increase in torque and widened the powerband. https://www.ripplerockracers.com/product/suzuki-gs1000-hindle-stainless-steel-exhaust-systems-to-fit-1978-80/
  6. Modern liter bikes come fitted with a 525 chain standard. These modern liter bikes are pushing 200 plus horsepower at the crank. I think our bikes will be just fine with a 520 or 525 chain in a good brand like DID, EK, RK etc.
  7. I have 17 front 48 rear tooth 520 sprockets on my GS1000 to maintain the stock gearing ratio of 2.82
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