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  1. As your man said ask Dave , What are your expectations, -requirements ,what’s the bike going to be used for , Psi wanted size of wizzy you have or will need compression suited for application HD Internal engine upgrades
  2. Handy info for lever firmness preferability mans applications
  3. On a N/A bike just run a little filter on the cam cover breather cheap as chips
  4. Very Nice touches torque arms looks the tits. Must get some lathe master to machine me a cylindrical embossed torque arm
  5. Just had a ganzee at the Fastec Racing website , 15 mins by pigeon flight from me , I don’t have quality fabrication time these days , for the workman’s ship to complement The build need some custom •foot peg hangers to suit my ride • porn worthy engine side cases • clock bracket • brake torque arm • Metal carb tops • fancy bracket for my ohlins shock • dogs dangles rear brake hanger • wheels is it Christmas’s yet apologies for if hi jacked just got me going looking at yr bike •
  6. I ran some 38-s on my 11 K motor with opener cable only , little holes drilled out the slides Spring strength was very good , suitable for holding up a large ladies draws , I can’t remember if I did anything to or swapped the spring Quick action throttle same slide travel but gave me the moto cross sensation , gets me excited
  7. Clean cool ride with attention to detail like already said , i like the external engine dressing ,what’s ball park wonga for a machined extended width clutch cover from John , i think the right hand side of the 11-s 12-s engine “ the clutch cover “ looks with drawn I like the engine hanging out the sides old Skool its a must for me I did run a lock up clutch and had a MRE covers in the past could be the flat chested thing not as alluring , the wife’s sauce pan will be getting a recip saw taken to it to shortly with a couple of take offs , if a remortgage is requir
  8. Nice ride ,I can’t remember the last time I saw one on the road , one bike I regret selling in 1990 ,
  9. Dezza , Thanks for the heads up info , 36 mm Bandit rubbers lined up ,
  10. There was a read in an early street fighter mag - or back street heroes , The early BSH - fighter mags sold 10 times over • Bottom frame rails removed • Frame re- fabricated front top brace 2 x small legs of box beam with lugs from new front top brace to front engine mount • The Bike was yellow
  11. Gents , Are any of guys running a 750 slingy J model frame with a blandit 12 engine running RS 36 mm carbs , My frame has been modded , for the battery tray ,( common place in between the frame above the shock ) im after the measurements If you can help from the front face of the carb rubber to the carb bell mouth the width of the visible carb once fitted , if the RS 36 mm carbs are wider the selection of filters on offer will be minimal , and the measurement from the top of the carb rubber to the top of the carbs The fuel tank has a non standard outlet I need
  12. I’ve used a power screen CDI. On a GSXR previous
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