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  1. This is Awesome how many hours in for the frame and swinger , good to see this site evolve with newer machines ( but still old ……)
  2. Piper cross twin foam filters / rubber mount , easier to get on and cheaper than KN , the choice is yours !
  3. Same exhaust / end cans as I have on mine bespoke made in the uk
  4. Radial Brembo disc -caliper -MC are the best brakes I’ve ever used absolutely awesome
  5. Had look last night first time I’ve actually picked them up for a Ganzee some of the screws will need persuasion or slots cut in them didn’t want to rush or have time
  6. I have a set of 1200 SS 32 mm carbs -rubbers - cables - KN filters I will take some pictures , open them up and have a look inside ,
  7. A collector of fine things
  8. Impressive collection of swinging arms Clivegto ,
  9. F#^k yeah I would love that bike looks perfect ,
  10. SPS Offset Front Sprocket. 10mm/3/8th Offset from standard. Avaialble in 15,16,17,18 tooth Size Cost was £65 plus £ 5 postage @MeanBean49: details Msg to you didn’t want to be whipped by Hierarchy for advertising products
  11. If worried about chain run chaff , on the over brace The weld bead is massive on the arm over brace remove large bead re-weld smaller bead
  12. You can get a 10 mm off set 530 front sprocket £69 labelled GSXR -Bandit for use with wider modern rear wheels Frame clearance issues with the chain
  13. I ran a Pringle tap with with a thicker diameter rubber spacer at the rear of the tank until it started leaking , binned it and went to a pipe straight out the tank with an inline fuel tap , no future fuel starvation issues pending any planned engine work ( wizzy pop ) now running similar set up on current build ,
  14. SS12 rubbers 40 mm depth SS 12- 32 mm Kehlins rare as hens teeth .... lucky timed shot these will be coming off today / staying off ,
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