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  1. Hi Gixer1460, you are correct in that it’s on the stand in neutral. are you saying that with the air box on it might rev ok ??, if so is there anyway I can get close to simulating an air box as obviously it’s a real pain to fit and I would like to have some confidence before installing it, the spare set of carbs was previously running with K&Ns and have had a jet fitted in the back to compensate, would you expect these also to have the same issue without the K&Ns installed ?
  2. That seems about right, I have tried cleaning yet again and find that although tickover is a bit lumpy the engine responds smooth and quick to a blip of the throttle, so I thought I was getting close, I then thought I should blip a bit more and find it won’t rev freely above 4000 and if I open her up fully it just cuts out, tried with my spare carb set and it does virtually the same, maybe reaching 1000 rpm more, checked the plugs and although they are not perfect they are not bad, still no air box fitted but I would be surprised if that caused such a difference, up to 4000 the slides are only
  3. Before I fit the air box I need to get it running well, I appreciate that the mixture will be a bit lean running it without the air box but when I try it’s not so good, if I feel the pipe temps on start up there is a lot of variation, no4 hardly heats at all until I take the choke off, I have stripped the carbs a few times and used carb cleaner and an air line, everything looks ok, but when I fit a spare set of carbs from a different model no4 heats up straight away, one thing I have never cleaned Is the individual choke plungers, it looks like you need to separate the carbs for this ?just loo
  4. Looking for this wintergreen oil online it all seems to be nice smelling aromatherapy stuff, that seems a bit wasteful , maybe try a pharmacy, short term is fine, I only need them to be supple for an hour to fit the box, I don’t intend to remove it sgain for some time I hope
  5. Hi Swiss Toni Wintergreen oil does exist anyway, apparently it’s good for headaches, that seems appropriate for fitting an air box on these. has anyone else heard of this or have any idea on dilution rate ???
  6. Soaking them overnight sounds a good solution if anyone knows what to use, it’s going to be tricky keeping 4 warm with a hairdryer
  7. So, I have put new tyres, refurbed the calipers, new pads and hoses, new indicators, new head gasket, rebuilt the carbs, new oil and filter, and nearly finished, just need to refit the tank, fairing, carbs and air filter box, last time I installed that was probably 15 years ago and it was hard as hell then, some of the runners are quite hard now, does anyone have any tips on how to make this any easier ??, or should I go down the K&N style route ??
  8. Thanks, looked for another hour crawling on the floor without any luck, but the spring in a cheap biro was the perfect size and works well
  9. I had to remove the front brake reservoir as the plInger had stuck forward, unfortunately when removing the lever the brake switch parts dropped on the floor, I found 2 pieces, a plastic pin that the lever operates and a brass contact that fits inside it, unfortunately on rebuild it doesn’t work and can’t stop wondering if there should be a spring to ensure contact, had a good search on the floor and used a magnet but I can’t find anything, does anyone know this part to confirm if I am missing something or maybe just bad assembly ??
  10. Hi, they are chrome rather than stainless, I have spent the evening with wire wool and Solvol and they are getting there, ordered some citric acid to give that a go as well, the silencer section is looking acceptable, the down pipes won’t be as good, but looking much better already, so more elbow grease and time needed, I will let you know how it goes and thanks for the advice.
  11. Hi Guys tidying up my old GSX1100esd, don’t have time to do a full restoration at the moment so thought I would give it a good clean and do all the safety stuff but struggling a bit on how to do the best possible on the exhaust, it’s a piper 4 into 1 and has been on since about 1985, it seems solid enough but as you can see from the picture it’s very crusty, any advise on how to make it look more presentable ??
  12. Hi guys, any recomendations for my GSX1100es? On original wheels ?
  13. Hi, I don’t quite follow the plastic bag or condom bit, I need to insert the slider into the bottom leg and then slide the seal down over the tube, that bits easy but now I need to get it into the lower leg, I imagine it’s quite easy to damage while doing that ? by power drill I should have said power impact wrench, it spun too easily for the hammer action to work
  14. Thanks guys, both loose now, unfortunately I have damaged the threads on the bolt and damper doing the first one, I reassembled everything to try without success so I turned it upside down and pushed down to increase tension while spinning the bolt with a power drill, but it looks like I was still pushing hard when the screw came out and have damaged the last 2 threads, on the second one I tried the box spanner option but it wouldn’t grip enough, so ended up with a 19mm bolt taped to a socket, that worked well. I have ordered a new bolt and a tap, I believe they are m10 x 1.0 next job is
  15. Sorry,i should have said that this is for a GSX1100esd
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