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  1. jimbob43


    Not a great lot to really update on here, most of the wiring has been done, but waiting on a headlight turning up along with casings from redsix, look qaulity stuff but their fooking slow. Picked up my rebuilt engine from rooster racing, the man's a genius and promises it will be a proper arm puller of a lump Decided I can't live with the gold on the ohlins forks, so their getting polished, i can live with a gold sprocket/chain but thats it, the forks look tacky in my eyes. Few pics, I'm sure most will not like the engine colour, I do and thats what matters. Exhaust is temp
  2. jimbob43

    Cam covers

    Are the cam/rocker covers swappable between 11s 12s etc, or is there a difference?
  3. jimbob43


    Well no real work done to this, been out the country for a couple of month with work, only been home a few days but started wireing loom, bit of a mare, motogadget speedo cables are fooking tiny, Duke seat unit has little space for everything, started on an exhaust, its going for an sva so needs to be all legal etc, this won't be the final exhaust, its just for sva. Rooster racing has nearly built my engine, his work is amazing, the head work is porn, once i have the lump ill paint it and fit it, undecided on a colour scheme, but i do have a nice pearlescent blue which I,d like to use with ano
  4. jimbob43


    8/9 mths of worrying if I'd chosen right seat unit, swing arm etc etc,
  5. jimbob43


    About 8/9mth mate
  6. jimbob43


    Forgot to show my bargain forks off gaybay
  7. jimbob43


    Made a start on it today, got the engine out, was only empty lump, wasn't sure where to actually start so thought I'd start on electrics, needed a mount for the motogadget speedo, I did have a set of bars that held the speedo, but looked like they came out of halfords, bit fun with the grinder and drill and one speedo holder fitted, needs sanded off etc but its a start
  8. jimbob43


    Finally picked it up today, totally exhausted, months of worry stress etc gone, feels like massive load off my shoulders, now to form a plan and get stuck in, but for next couple days I would just like some private time with the new bitch in my life
  9. jimbob43


    Over the past few month the bits I've gathered for it so far, dyna 2000, dyna mini coils, motogadget m-unit, proscope speedo, ISR master cylinders with built in switches, ISR radial calipers,just recently got a good deal on a set of ohlins forks that I,d of been a fool to turn down, be a shame to polish the gold off the fork legs but its the look i want,never been a lover of gold on a bike, reverse thug yokes, and a nice nitron rear shock, headlight wise I've used a pair of twin oberons on a previous bike, and I really like them, suits the style of bike in my eyes, still have a lot of stuff to
  10. jimbob43


    Only place its going to be seen till its done
  11. jimbob43


    One funny coincidence,I think I joined the original forum 2007/2008, I was 43 when I joined so just chose jimbob43, the frame number is 043
  12. jimbob43


    Always wanted a big tubed ally framed special, really wanted a spondon, but didnt want second hand, i also didnt want people saying was that such and such,s bike, wanted to build my own bike from something new. I contacted gav at GIA mid last year and arrangements were made, deposit paid etc, As of today its not quite ready, it will be ready to pick up this friday, but i.ll post some pics of the build so far. Now it will be a slow build, i work out the country 6mth of the year, 4 weeks at a time, it will basicly be built twice, first for an MSVA with all the legal E marked gear, then a littl
  13. jimbob43

    Dyna 2000

    Does the dyna 2000 completely do away with the standard cdi unit?
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