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  1. Folks Which of the GSXR's with RWU forks had the steepest steering angle. This is for changing front end on GSX1100 EF using Bandit legs.
  2. Very interesting. Taking this a step further. How do the powerscreen cams compare to Bandit 1200. Reason for asking is I have a knackered inlet cam on a Bandit motor. Spare Powerscreen cams on the bench ready to go in. However I can pinch some GSXR cams sat in a spare motor but that's more work.
  3. Hi. Are camshafts from the power screen GSX 1127 motor the same as the GSXR 1127 motor?
  4. Second pic is a worked crank. Webs totally different. Other pic is standard for comparison.
  5. Folks Pictures show lightened crank in my turbo motor and missing tooth. A small bolt fell into engine. Result snapped camchain and tooth off crank. Consensus seems to be take off sharp bit and rebuild. Opinions?
  6. Folks I have a '89 GSXR1100 wheel and Discs in GSXR yolks and Bandit forks. Discs need replacing so are the aftermarket Bandit 1200 discs the same dimensions? cheers
  7. Spot on. I knew there was a conversion table somewhere about.
  8. As the title says are the two heads the same diameters top and bottom. Put another way: are the forks interchangeable bearing wise. There used to be a chart that listed bearing sizes on the FB site but can't get into it.
  9. Tony H

    36mm carbs

    Been away for a while so missed posts. These are 36mm bore, engine side . Excuse tape, shed faries have had it away with vernier
  10. Folks I had these carbs on a 1982 GSX1100 EZ but don't think they are correct. bore is 36mm. outside diameter of intake is 55. Can you identify them please
  11. Folks. Picture shows leaky turbo that was on my ongoing 1216cc GSXR project bike. The flange is T2 and i think it is a T25 . I am looking to use the bike on the road and drag strip so am thinking of bigger alternative with same external wastegate. Opinions please on options and what a/r to consider. Cheers
  12. Hi. the GSXR damper has slotted caps. See the attached pic
  13. Folks Does any oil remain in the standard cooler when engine off? Also does the feed from the pump side stay primed? Just asking to judge capacity required on my modified set up. Cheers
  14. OK This is the seal i have used but no guarantee it is any good. I cut notches into a stainless steel kitchen knife using a mini grinder to make a tool for undoing the collar. Worked fine.
  15. Many thanks to Gixer1460. Blanking plug in sump is perfect place. Switch on its way couldn't be simpler.
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