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  1. Hello all, more questions..... Does anyone have any experience with those cheap Chinese replacement oil coolers? Mine is leaking. Do I take a chance with a secondhand unit from Geebay or try a Chinese cheapo. Or bite the bullet and go aftermarket Earl's or similar? It's on a '96 bandit 12.
  2. Johnnie

    Bolt kits

    We're all on lock down/up over here in Ireland. I'm confined to within 2km of my own house. Mail order only for me.
  3. Johnnie

    Bolt kits

    Hello all, I want to replace some/most of the bolts on the forks, calipers, yokes and footrest hangers with stainless or decent quality zinc plated ones. Any recommendations for a reasonably priced supplier?
  4. I would be a " function over form" type anyway.
  5. What brand bars do you use?
  6. I was aiming for what offers the most protection in a minor spill. Or if some myopic Christmas shopper reverses over you while trying to park and post pictures of their bargin hunt haul. Which will save my engine from hitting the ground and shedding its oil all over the place?
  7. '96 bandit 12. Engine bars or mushrooms? And why?
  8. Johnnie

    Max bore size

    Are you replacing the con rods as well?
  9. Johnnie

    Max bore size

    Hello all, I'm contemplating a big bore kit as a winter project for my '96 bandit 12. Does any know the maximum safe bore size I can go on stock liners?
  10. Yes, success. Left hand twist drill bit done the job.
  11. 2mm drill bits and hand drills dont do well together.
  12. I've ordered some left hand drill bits. I'll see how they go. I'll offer it a gin and tonic after work.
  13. There is only one stuck in my set. I'll have another go this evening. Patience wouldn't be my strong suit.
  14. I'll offer it a gin and tonic after work.
  15. I've tried soaking it. I've tried heat. I used a dremel to make the slot in the head deeper. I even tried shouting at it for 20 minutes. Still no joy. Next move is to strip everything and dump it in the ultra sonic bath. I'm trying to avoid drilling it out.
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