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  1. Digiral speedos are the company I bought it off and he assured me it would work with the speed sensor. Problem Is when I called him to say i was having issues he wasnt really able to help me. Kind of stuck with this one
  2. Hi ladies and gents. I own a mk2 1200 and I have just fitted a Daytona Velona 80. I have managed to get everything working but the speedo. Following the wiring diagram I connected my white wire (pulse) from the daytona (no other wire from the daytona) to the pink/black of the mk2 loom. Put 12v to the orange wire of the speedo pick up and kept the black/white negative of the speedo pick up. I cant seem to get the speedo to register any speed. What am I doing wrong. 3 wires from the speedo pick up and all connected. Does anyone know the PPR (pulse per
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