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  1. Jeb


    Cheers, will check out
  2. Jeb


    Thanks... I think that's probably the best thing to do, cheers
  3. Jeb


    Hi, ...can anyone reccomend a pattern top end gasket set for an 1100f. Cheers
  4. Jeb

    Engine year

    Ah, get it ...cheers!
  5. Jeb

    Engine year

    That's great, cheers
  6. Jeb

    Engine year

    Hi, My 1127 motor has the no v706 1033** Anyone know roughly what year this is from. Cheers
  7. Jeb

    Compression test

    Haha, yes......its been standing a few years .....only cost £100...so no probs...the more I turn it over the better it gets.....will do valve clearances and see whether there's any difference took a punt on it as it was cheaper than getting 2nd hand barrels...I can always turn it into an anchor for my other bike...
  8. Hi, ....does anyone know if tight, or loose valve clearances would account for dodgy compression ? Thanks in advance
  9. Jeb

    Gsx1100f engine

    Hi, Sorry I was unaware of the 50 posts rule
  10. Jeb

    Oil cooler

    Hi, I'm after a replacement oil cooler for my 1100f...does any other models' fit or has anyone tried a Chinese one and if so where can I get one from. Cheers
  11. Jeb

    Exhaust gaskets

    Thanks chief, have done and am sorted
  12. Jeb

    Exhaust gaskets

    Hi, I need some new exhaust gaskets for my 1100f....there's a mixture of types on ebog, but the existing ones are about 4 to 5 mm thick and seem to be made of lots of small strands of copper wire....can these still be obtained or do any of the other types work? Thanks
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