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  1. Anyone have any ideas as to why my choke lever won't stay on..?? I had the carbs professionally cleaned ((maybe t they ae too clean now....???) as when I bought the bike it had several badgers nesting in it. The lever and linkage work fine on the left carb. I apply the lever with the right carb not connected and the lever latches on the little spring clip no problem but....I connect the right carb and there doesn't seem to be enough tension in the retaining clip to withstand the return springs of both carbs together. At the moment to keep the choke on I have to pop a clothes peg und
  2. OK so I guess no one else had the issue - I fixed it after splashine out £10 on clutch cable pull from a Bloop, drilled out the rivets then used a small wired nut & bolt to secure it (couldn't get a replacement rivet in without destroying it) and re-assembling.
  3. Has anyone had an issue like me with the clutch cable pulling through the retaining clip that's riveted onto the Screw Assembly part 23200-15001. The part is obsolete - there's a very dodgy looking one from the US on Eblag so I don't want to go that route - anyone ever had this issue and how did you fix it...???
  4. You’ll be pleased with the Higgspeeds I can guarantee that. Good luck!!
  5. They are indeed Higgspeed pipes. The quality is very good and the weight saving over the stock exhausts is really quite dramatic. They are somewhat LOUD THOUGH I have only ridden (read limped) up the road & limped even slower back before the lockdown hit. The bike was running on one cylinder - stuck float valve in one carb (that was the carb that was working!) and the other carb had a blocked jet somewhere (now cured). Trying to get the bike to move was a struggle and the noise....!!! Now purring like a kitten on tickover - clearly a kitten that sounds like it's a ring-ding-a-di
  6. If you could only get the real 70's stuff! Now I'd pay good money for that...!
  7. I know! I can easily see why people get hooked!
  8. Almost being the right word. After all sorts of electrical problems I now only have carburettor issues... One carb I have a sticky float valve, the other carb I have an issue with the pilot jet as now plenty of sparks and compression.... but no actual firing but hey ho. The scary thing is how loud those pipes are running on one cylinder! I'm pleased with it anyway
  9. Yup #10 is the problem. I’ll post the issue on the Sundial forum too. Thanks again for the tip.
  10. I'm sure there's someone who can answer this for me - is there an alternative to spending about £80 on a replacement oil line from the oil tank to the oil pump?? It looks to me like a small bore tube that should cost a few pennies....but that doesn't always translate into replacing a 40+ year old part!
  11. I have posted it to Rex’s as Marcus tells me they’re going to invest in a machine that does this re-magnetising. I believe they’re going to try it out on the old rotor as a test. I wouldn’t have known that it had lost magnetism as it felt quite strong to me but.....when the new rotor arrived the difference was very noticeable.
  12. Hi all, just a quick note to let you know there's an article in Classic Motorcycle Mechanics about a restored T500 this month .....or is it next month...??? I believe it's the March issue....but it comes out in Feb. Looks smart! Hopefully mine doesn't take the 3 years it took that guy!
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