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  1. Never removed a gsx engine, but on a lot of other bikes i have had to remove the rocker cover to get the engine out, every cm counts. give it a go as nothing to lose for about 10 mins work, but i am sure someone with experience with this bike will be along soon Mouse.
  2. Try your local zuki dealer or Robinsons on 01227 454366 and give them the frame number, should be able to get year, model etc from that as they have done it for me in the past. Not sure why your worried about back tax, put it on straight on sorn or some people might put the date of purchase as a few days before they send the form to swansea
  3. Just my tuppence worth as i am doing similar on my 78 gs750. can you fully turn the sprocket without the chain on or only part of a full turn ??, also what year is the bike as it looks very similar to mine with the pushrod in the same place, but the sprocket nut does not look right, the standard nut is quite slim and there is about 5mm of thread that sticks out after the tab washer is fitted and the nut tightened. Maybe it is the nut that is catching ???, try taking it of and see what happens Hope this helps Mouse
  4. Ermm sorry, no they don't, the 77, 78, and 79 years gs 750 are 27mm id at the bottom and only seem to have gone to 30mm with the 1980 gsx range, but it seems all the gs 1000 range was 30mm from the get go. I think this is partly why I am having so much trouble, but by going rf like you suggested hopefully things will be easier, what also is not helping is the gs750 was fitted with ball bearings as standard so by going to tapered bearings it's a bit of guesswork as to what Hight to go for. Even all balls give three different heights for the bottom bearing 12, 14 or 15mm depending how
  5. Thanks for that Wraith Found one local to me, will see if he has forks as well.
  6. Unfortunately the Bandit top yoke wont fit the GS stem as the hole is to small, even if the hole was enlarged there is not enough thread to fit the bits (nuts ? ) that hold the bearings in. No, but the GS one is.
  7. Trying to fit a B6 front end into a 78 GS750, it seems a common swop for a gs1000 but i am having problems, wondered if the GS1000 had a longer headstock than my GS 750 bu no its the same. The B6 headstock is 200mm so looks like i need to cut out 20mm for it to work
  8. Thank you for the reply's, helped a lot
  9. Hi Just a quick question does anyone know the length of the headstock on a early gs1000 frame (1978-1980) ish, not Katana, please. Trying to work something out, Thanks, Mouse
  10. Thanks for the link, very useful, think i will follow peoples advice and stick to the automatic one and rebuild it You could be right, but if so I wonder why the chain didn't jump of the sprockets and trash the engine ???
  11. Was hoping for one soon as need to get the engine rebuilt. bit worried though as even N.O.S will be over 40 years old, can one of that age be trusted ???, I know the one i took out of the engine is 20 years and that the bike was dry stored for nearly that long, but that one has small fracture lines in it. Maybe the fractures are due to it drying out as no oil has been circulated, also "new" one's will have been indoors ( I hope) and wrapped in grease paper. Well off to trawl tinternet for a few hours
  12. Sorry Just tried to slip it past you, Promise I won't do it again.
  13. Hi Thanks for the input, Pretty much spot on, engine has done about 60 thou which seems to be fairly accurate as i had some old mot's, but as my granddad used to say it looks like "it was rode hard and put away wet". This is what i found when i took the block off. So looks like the chain was not under that much tension. Thanks for the link about the spring, didn't realise it could be replaced, when i took the whole unit off it was put in a bag for later examination, so one of them on the shopping list, also going to renew all the other camchain parts but having a
  14. Hi I'm collecting parts to rebuild my 78 GS750 engine and need some advice about the cam chain tensioner. Should I replace the standard automatic one or fit a manual one???, what are the advantages/ disadvantages of both, one thing is the cost of a genuine automatic one (£150 plus ) Also I don't think the last o.e.m one worked that well as when i striped the block there are score marks each side of the cam chain tunnel that look like the chain was flailing about side to side, although that could be down to poor maintenance. Also while I'm on the subject how often should th
  15. Hi well been a bit busy the last few days, Nice one for this , saved 5mm by using gs carrier, everything else is exactly the same as the bandit one so fits bandit wheel perfectly. Spent a lot of time measuring old chains as the gs is a 630 pitch and found that there's big (well mm's) differences in the same pitch widthways depending if it is a standard, O ring or X ring chain, need to bare this in mind. I assume this is for going from the GS standard 630 pitch ???, but none of the 530 sprocket and chain kits for a gs i have found mention a spacer, ???. I nee
  16. Ah, the good old days when you could spend hour's rummaging around and then forget what you went there for to start with. Unfortunately the last bike breakers around by me where you could do this closed several years ago
  17. That would be good, beer token's would be sent Don't understand this bit ???. I haven't mentioned a gs500, are you saying there is a standard gs500 swop for what I am trying to do ??. Also my using a different online parts shop I have just found that the gs750 sprocket carrier is the same part number as the gs1000 one so don't need to buy one to try that idea now.
  18. Hi Good build thread wrath but different engine to me . Well this could be the way to go, got hold of a old knackered cover so i can cut it about to see if i can make it work, got a wanted add out far a slave but nothing yet. Just out of curiosity how did your convert yours to hydraulic, ??? not sure your version would work for me as my pushrod is on the sprocket side and i think yours is opposite side but all ideas help. Also got a laser today and waiting for new top hats so i can fit the swingarm properly, had it suggested to me today that a gs1000 sprocket ca
  19. Hi I know , I have read your build thread on this many times , mainly for the swingarm bits, but i am trying to keep to the original engine like the fool i am. wraith, thanks for the info and pics, everything helps, found a local old man with a lathe today who is making new top hats for about 20 quid, so result there, don't have a chain sorted at the moment but it looks like i will have to go as narrow as possible, but most of the offset sprockets i come across are 530 pitch but i think 520 is the way to go. Yep this is also my plan, but at the moment the chain would run
  20. Ah but that seems to be my problem, the frames are different part numbers and I bought some top hat spacers sold to fit bandit arm to gs frame, problem is the person who made them used a gs1000 pivot bolt as a pattern and just assumed all gs's are the same, there not, 750 16mm pivot bolt, 1000 18mm pivot bolt. I think there are some frame differences as well mainly around the rear engine mount area, I managed to fit the swingarm and wheel and lined up the wheel so it was straight and like this the chain would run straight through the frame tube, it looks like I will have to have the sproc
  21. Hi I am trying to use my 78 GS750 frame and engine and fit a bandit 12 swing arm and wheel into the frame. Has anyone on here done this combination ???, i know people have used the gs frame and fitted various swingarms and wheels but most seem to use a different engine. The reason i ask is that everything i try seems to not work for one reason or another, for example most people seem to need to use a offset drive sprocket but on my bike the wheel sprocket needs to be moved inboard and then looks like if i do this the chain will foul the frame, also got some top hat spacers spe
  22. Hi I am looking to do the same with my 78 GS750 and have found the same problem, one of my thoughts at the moment is to have a ally extension piece made to space out the cover and then use a longer pushrod. Can i ask what swingarm and wheel are you using to need a 15mm offset ?? Mouse.
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