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  1. Went to pick up the Ef this weekend and its now mine thanks for the comments on this purchase, it felt right the moment i saw this bike even though i like it with fairing. but that can come some day. bike drives really well and pulls like a m..... so its a very nice start i wont be messing with anything though until i have my gs750 back on the road. i have to have at least one bike thats running
  2. Franchizai

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    welcome and +1 for pics :))
  3. the posts here has me going for the EF model as it seems its the way to go. i have a feeling the EF is more cared for aswell by previous owner. going to test drive both on the weekend i hope and started to see ig i can squeeze the EF a little on the price. The Ef is originally without the fairing the seller states so i guess ill have to get that on Eblag eventually as i would really like one, just the little version im thinking. :) i have stille to get then confinermed engine number from seller on the ES but i assume youre right on this one
  4. I'm digging the ef no doubt. But what about the engines themselves can the es be easily upgraded to the bigger version or should one go for the bigger engine from start?
  5. this if rom the sales adds, ths first is 1100es and the second is 1100ef where seller confirm its the 1134/124hp version
  6. Im sorry if this has been asked before but its hard to search for ES and EF theres alot of hits i found what i think is a really good offer on a 1985 gsx1100es theres a gsx1100ef on the market too aswell from 1985 the ef cost more than twice the es. is the ef so much better ? i know the difference in factory numbers cu. comp. hp. etc. or am i better off buyin the cheaper es and spend money on upgrades ? can the es engine be upgraded easily to the bigger bore? suggestions apreciated
  7. Ahh yes of course it does. I forgot I only have a athena gasket though so I better get oem I think, or will it be fine there?
  8. I was wondering about base gasket for the cylinder. since its been bored to 69mm is it still fine to use the stadard base gasket or should i get one from the gs850 instead to fit the bore? or can i just trim the edges ?
  9. Im pretty sure i found out it the frame was from 1977 originally the frame number is gs750d-16287 i think i read somewhere that in certain countrys the cast wheels came earlier than other. that coud be the case otherwise previous owner changed them i guess. and i found this list on a danish suzuki page Suzuki GS 750 B 1977 GS750 GS750-10001 GS750-32603 Suzuki GS 750 C 1978 GS750 GS750-32604 GS750-45133 Suzuki GS 750 N 1979 GS750 GS
  10. Cool i ordered the 2717xc piston ring kit from wiseco. Couldn't find information about the ring dimensions others than the bore dimension. Most recent pictures as you can imagine it's pretty disassembled atm.
  11. Great to know and yes it was a pleasent surprise to find out that i already had a bored out cylinder with with very nice pistons that seems very new actually. the cylinders bores themselves are also in perfect condition.
  12. Hey everyone. ive currently dissasembled my gs750 1977 engine to find out the the previous owner installed a bored gs750 cylinder. the bore size is 69mm. and the pistons doesnt seem like suzukis. at first i thought i was gs850 piston installed but looke like another brand. i my self is guessing its wiseco pistons as they have the same number on the bottom as their product number and what looks like a circle with a W in it. im thinking i wanna replace the piston rings since i have everything apart anyways so i really want to make sure i get the right ones. anyone have
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