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  1. Brilliant thank you. I spent ages googling late last night and sort of worked that out. But having it confirmed is superb and now I know I definitely have 2 sets of Mk1, I can confidently decide what to do next.
  2. Sorry to drag this up. Is there an easy way of checking/seeing whether Bandit forks are mk1 or mk2 without taking them off or putting them on the bike? Thanks Liam
  3. Depressingly beautiful. Would love to be able to do that.
  4. I have one of those Chinese led flasher relays and it didn't work before. Rather than waste more time faffing around though, I'm going to wait until I have the side light fitted and try again.
  5. Tried all sorts. Eventually tried a different type of LED lights I found in the garage. The indicators still become slightly dimmer, but they do work ok. So it's as if the battery was really weak or something (which it isn't). Anyway, problem solved ish. Thanks all
  6. Thanks all. I'll have a go later on, using the originals first, then double-checking everything else. I expect I've done something dense.
  7. I am not sure about high beam (I'll check later). I have ordered the bulb holder for the side light (should be here in a couple of days)... so I don't know about the side light, although when I turn the sidelight on on the switch the indicators work. Might it be as simple as not having the sidelight plugged in? Sounds odd to me, but I know nothing about this magical electricity!
  8. I hate electrics so before I start driving myself mad, I thought I'd check and see if anyone knows what stupid thing I have done wrong/what's broken. I'm putting my Katana back together and all the wiring works fine, except.... The indicators work properly until I put the main beam on. When I do that, the rears still blink, but the front go off and don't blink. I have 4 led indicators each with resistors. I'm hoping it is just a connection I've done wrong?
  9. Thanks very much all. I'll see what I have in the garage. Wraith - I'll get in touch if I can't find anything suitable. thanks again
  10. Looks like my LHS switchgear unit (lights etc) isn't working. I rebuilt one of these once before and my fat fingers made it a nightmare of fiddly pieces. New ones are really expensive, and I can't see any second hand ones for sale - if you have some let me know. I know that anything can be made to fit, but is there a 'plug and play' alternative unit from another bike I could use? Thanks
  11. I did change the O rings and so it may well have been me!!! Always put my hand up if I may have been a plank (which is most of the time) The leak was no different before or after I changed the O rings though as they were actually not that bad at all. So the problem was definitely something other than rings in the first place. Any road, they don't leak now and I know a bit more about carbs than before. Just need to work out a baseline setting for the jets now...
  12. I bought 4 kits as I did not know where the leak was coming from, I am pretty sure it was these ones. https://www.Eblag.co.uk/itm/Carburettor-Repair-Kit-Fits-Suzuki-GSX-750-S-D-Katana-1983/313112006928?fits=Year%3A1983|UKM_Make%3ASuzuki|UKM_CCM%3A750|UKM_StreetName%3AKatana|UKM_Model%3AGSX&hash=item48e6ee1110:g:lvsAAOSwvspbjpPc
  13. Good work so far. An ET is definitely in my future. I wonder if you can help me. Do you know what jets are in your carburettor? I am building an 816 (katana) with pod filters too, and want to have some sort of starting point. thanks in advance
  14. I realise that it may take some experimentation, but please can anyone tell me what size carb jets would be a good starting point? I have the carbs off the bike at the moment and it makes sense to do it now. It is for a 750 katana with an 816 wiseco kit, standard carbs running pod filters. Thanks in advance
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