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  1. Hopefully the guy will shut the place for good soon and stop ripping people off
  2. The carbs don't have a problem running without, the slides won't be effected it's the throttle blades that would take any stick.
  3. Yep most redirect it back into the I take, I run all my cars without and the sound is much better.
  4. Just cause any turbo wear and the carbs have no problems with it
  5. Yep I run most of my cars and bikes without and they run and also sound better, anything over 11psi though I definitely run with them
  6. I have used around 200 Maxspeedingrods turbos and only had 1 fail, but that was down to the persons bike and not the actual turbo.
  7. Gt28 copy Clive, they actually work really well, I have used them on a couple of busas
  8. The td05 16g is not a great turbo, it's lazy and unfortunately has different flanges to every other turbo out there, a td04 13t is what you want and will give you the sounds you are looking for and also make up to 280 horsepower max but still hit hard low down as Clive will tell you
  9. For 250 all you need is to update the pistons and turn up the boost
  10. If its a Garrett then it will work well, you won't need to increase intake sizing
  11. Yep you will be fine at that, just keep an eye on it so that it doesn't go any leaner.
  12. Yeah I'm happy with the price lol, not a breaker gonna build something special later on in the year
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