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  1. Speak of the devil here is a complete setup. https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/b527023677
  2. There is a supplement in the back of both 750 and 1100 workshop manuals covering all the changes from the standard GSX. Everything from anti-dive, engine, bodywork and cable routing and service specifications. Here are a few pages.
  3. 18-42 with 17'' rear and 750 primary drive ratio is a 1100
  4. Just to add to everything previously mentioned to do and, -a new clutch cable would be good too, -on the 2000 final edition model Katana they had an electric assist clutch setup, this item pops up on Japan Yahoo. Here it is on the FE Kat where the coils go and the coils go here
  5. I also like to ask the question, We can see the problem but what was the cause so as to stop it happening again and in this case twice ? Cheers.
  6. Looks like a 550, Check the chassis and engine numbers and VIN.
  7. I do not know the Suzuki ID but they are the same size 36mm butterflys for 650/1250. Just the injector colour is the ID. BLUE 650. GREEN 1250.
  8. 2011 GSX650F are exactly the same as 1250 only the injectors are BLUE for 650 (1250 injectors are green). Body length 110mm, spacing 80-100-80, engine side 36mm ID 42mm OD, filter side 44mm ID 48mm OD. Here they are compared to GSX1100 34mm CV carbs
  9. I forgot to mention that 530 pitch 18 tooth is off a 07 1250 Bandit. They have the same countershaft spline as the GSX1100 so can be used as a 530 front sprocket conversion.
  10. Here is a picture of a 530 pitch 18 tooth on the left and a 630 pitch 15 tooth on the right. The only difference will be sprocket diameter as seen below, some people go 17 or 18 stop the chain cutting into the swingarm by maintaining the same diameter. As Gixer1460 said then count teeth depending on the front sprocket used.
  11. While I was riding it around the block the other day, it had this strange sound, best was to describe it was like alot of air escaping. Phssssssst!! Can you describe the type of riding you were doing when this event occured e.g. -in gear/neutral/clutch pulled in -idling -deaccelerating -accelerating -between gear changes -sittiing at some lights/intersection, etc. Just to give us an idea what motor was doing.
  12. And here is a link to the workshop manual for more information. https://www.manualslib.com/manual/869522/Yamaha-Xjr1300-2007.html#manual
  13. I was googling non water cooled injected bikes and came across a similar mentioned setup off the 07-16 XJR1300 where the injectors are separate to the throttle body. I Don't know the spacing or sizes. Cheers Andrew
  14. Those 50mm intake valves Cheers Andrew.
  15. Cause I'm a tight arse I 'skillfully' superglued aerosol spray can straws. red ones, can tell. Cheers Andrew.
  16. As an example https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/h441223148 https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/q333108426
  17. Here is a 2 valve head motor, GSX crankcase prostock motor. At the time 1655cc 18:1 compression 300-350 hp 50mm intake valves 50mm lectrons. They now run 1800cc The guy who builds these motors Peter Allen built my 1260. Not much help but 2 valve porn. Cheers Andrew.
  18. I have seen these type of add on fins for GSX1100 motors on Japan Yahoo. Couldn't find the exact ones again but these give you an idea, but they go over existing fins. https://www.omegaracer.com/parts_store/prod_2881734-Yamaha-SR-Engine-Cooling-Fins.html#sthash.wciDnjFM.dpbs Cheers Andrew.
  19. Thankyou all, Just doing some chain and sprocket research while I measure/fit the Bandit swingarm, once I have the swingarm in I can look then at the chain run and see what will fit ie 530 or 520. Cheers Andrew.
  20. Cheers GIXER1460, thought as much, thanks.
  21. Select force converter in the drop down box, kilogram-force left column, pound-force right column Phew clear as mud.
  22. This seems abit more line ball, https://www.translatorscafe.com/unit-converter/en-US/force/
  23. Sorry here is the DID list, https://www.supersprox.com/did-chains/
  24. Here is DID chain, The best 520 on this chart is, DID VM 520 G/B 8050 lbs. Maybe the conversion for the JT chains is not correct but again they seem atleast twice as strong as anything else. methinks the conversion is a bit apples and oranges. I'll see if I can find a different conversion table.
  25. If I am reading these tensile charts correctly, RK chain ultra XW ring 630GSV 11300 LBS/per ft 520GXW 8800 LBS/per ft JT chain 520 HDS 4020 kgf = 29076 LBS/per ft. I have used RK 630 and have been very happy with them, have never used a JT chain but if the tensile strength is accurate they seem VERY strong. I'll see if I can find DID brand for tensile strength. Cheers Andrew.
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