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  1. Great build Like the clutch it does wake you up when you first go out the speed and acceleration is very addictive a power commander works really well , I did mine in 2015 but it the build got banned on here as engine was to new
  2. Bigkenxx


    Going change the Lengthened swingarm again soon got another to try a really nice lengthened swingarm of my turbo slabby slabby is going soon to a good home
  3. Bigkenxx


    Yes still got it kat few other bits done to it , upped the boost running about 16 psi now got get some paint work done if I can be arsed I like the used look not a show pony
  4. Bigkenxx


    Thanks mate it’s built old skool in a shed by me self my mate tig welded the turbo pipes I’m only good at mig welding but I designed and did everything else on a budget you’d be surprised how much it didn’t cost even forks swingarm and lock up etc a lot of good friends
  5. I know mine is simple to others but I can only report how mine is I’ve had no problems runs great , boosts well but I’m not going all out but I can only admire the engineering in others quest for boost
  6. Bigkenxx


    Yes ash still on same mob number as well
  7. Bigkenxx


    Thanks mate got a longer Swingarm now
  8. We will be there next year again , everything was built, tuned and modified himself in his shed including the bodywork bar the tank he moulded himself it is a work of art I think it’s one of his old drag engines with flatties suppose I’m biased as efes are the fucking dogs bollocks end off in my eyes
  9. Yes that’s the one sheep , one of my mates goes very well and he rides it like he stole it
  10. There was a red and black faired efe going very fast on track
  11. Massive balls the oil boiler might be better but I like the air cooled I did mine for not massive money cause I did the engine I had a engine that had forged pistons and a welded crank and oil gears in already so I rebuilt it my mate did all the pipe work including plenum for beers I got the turbo for nothing of another mate runs 14 psi spins back wheel and does big balled wheelies so well chuffed
  12. I turbod my efe cause I’m my eyes a efe has to be air cooled we made the kit restricted oilway etc forged pistons welded crank love it
  13. Bigkenxx


    Thanks fella all built in a shed me and a mate did the turbo , 1216 ported don't really need it for turbo but hey 16psi welded crank forged Pistons , lock up clutch etc etc . it wasn't a big job I don't need the swingarm anymore you can have it if you pay postage I will pm you the details it was a while ago though I welded a top mount for the shock on the frame though To get it the right angle
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