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  1. Are 120 links enough for 17-45 or 18-45?
  2. How many links for 530 chain with 17/45 or 18/45 ?
  3. Are good for my efe 530 conversion?
  4. Why this did chain 530 with 130 link are so cheap?! Are a fake did chain?
  5. I found this chain brand DID 530 with 130 links at a really low price. I was wondering... but what chain is it? https://www.Eblag.it/itm/535001301-CATENA-DI-TRASMISSIONE-DID-530-NERO-130-MAGLIE-CON-GIUNTO-A-CLIP-RJ/392504765993?hash=item5b631b6e29:g:VmcAAOSwdOxdtwtT
  6. I have a GSX 1100 EF , i found a lot of 530 sprocket but 525....where i can find sprocket of that dimension?
  7. What do you think about 530 chain with 17/45 or 18/45 ?
  8. I need help on rear and front sprockets. If I install 525 or 530 conversion I need spacers?
  9. Can I have some information? What type are better for conversion? 630 to 530 or 630 to 520?
  10. I need info please. I need new exhaust manifold but marving costo a lot ... 500$. I need to know if i can do an easy adapt from another suzuki motorcycle
  11. Goodmorning everyone. I removed the spark plug caps and noticed that the ceramic resistor lost the copper at the base and therefore resisted too much. I then replaced the ceramic resistor with a copper bar. Now I ask myself: which spark plug should I mount? Br8EA or B8EA? I tried a B8EA (dating back to the end of the year 80, with the brown writing) and causes a huge spark !!
  12. Hello ! I need new regulator..... i see on amazon or Eblag a shindengen fake mosfet fh regulator, but i have fear to try it....only 18$..... can you give me some information about it?
  13. My bike it's a 1985 GS1150 . The signal cable are black yellow from what i have read on manual
  14. When I bought the bike had the problem that you see in the video even with the original instrumentation. I tried 3 (original) and they all had the same problem. I also bought another tacho (what you see in the video) but nothing. I tried to follow the black/yellow cable that carries the signal from the right coil to the instrumentation but it looks perfect. What could I check? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppyvV-N3rrA&feature=youtu.be
  15. Goodmorning everyone. I would like to replace the front end of my efe with something newer. I would like to know if there is any front end that can be mounted with the minimum of modifications.
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