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  1. ral

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    I use a soft wire brush to clean the male connectors, hold the connector in a pair of long nose pliers and scrub away any crud, scotch bright works as well, small round file to clean up female connector, or splash out on new connectors and replace all the old ones, you can reuse the small multi connector blocks and just replace all the male and female spades with new, strip the wires back to clean copper, you will be surprised how black and corroded it is at the old connectors. Bit laborious but worth doing to freshen everything up, don’t forget to clean all the earths, check continuity w
  2. ral

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    Looking at that lot I would be surprised if you have any current running through it, try removing and cleaning up all the connection points, if you’ve got a meter test each wire to see if there is any power or continuity getting through, bad earths will also stop you getting anything, again remove connections clean and refit. looks like it’s been stood a while.
  3. I might be wrong on this but I don’t recall the bottom case being painted on the thou, it wasn’t on my last one owned for 25 years with no known engine changes, finish over time yellowed slightly and appeared to be more of a clear coat finish on upper cases.
  4. Sometimes needs a little encouragement to show level so tilt bike slightly over to clutch side and presto appears like magic 3200 is your start point as will depend on a few factors, best checked when warm and stood for ten mins, on level ground.
  5. Don’t think it would be long before them back wheels were missing if I ad one of them
  6. ral


    Great links, thanks
  7. One of those little red fibre washers will do the trick as will swell up once it gets some oil on it.
  8. ral


    What exhaust system is on that.
  9. Thanks for PM, I will need to measure ports and get back to you.
  10. PM with pic & price if you would like to sell, thanks
  11. Chain drive Gs1000 E as far as I’m aware, what different heads are there??
  12. Hens teeth spring to mind
  13. What options for GS1000 carbs, easy fit as don’t want to be taking forever to fit.
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