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  1. chain snapped on my RF69 and took out the motor are eather the 750W or 1100W the same cases or do i need to find RF900 ones?
  2. Heatz


    cibbies and RGV tail work really well together ive another WC 1100 im gona probably run eather cibbies or see what else works (ive got another one the same as above)
  3. Heatz


    you wouldnt if you had sat on it
  4. ive put a bandit 12 swingarm in an RF600 and it bolted straight up so id say yes it will fit knowing suzuki an RF900 probably has a bandit 12 swingarm from the factory
  5. Heatz


    apart from getting the plates made and frame modded a little to get the motor in as i didnt have the equipment at the time yes i built it back in 2002 the tailunit is a german one chopped up and made to sit at a decent angle and is a recent addition the headlight will be staying as i like to see where im going at night and its got good lights(and i like it) and im not a fan of the streetfighter masks ect and ive got a GSX1400 with the big single light already
  6. Heatz


    after a good few years stuck at the back of the shed i got my 7/11 back out and on the road
  7. im guessing by all the answers that everyones thinking WTF is he on about this is the outlet and tap from an RF600 single outlets for on/res and a non vaccum fuel tap and it bolts straight onto a WN tank ( i think slingshot as well) was wondering if anyones knows if the RF900 one is bigger bore size or the same part
  8. messing about to see if i can get a remote fuel tap on my WN 7/11 and ive got an RF 600 tap and outlet im gona try but just wonderd if someone with an RF900 could take some pics and mesurements of the tank outlet feed pipe diameters and is it just the two outlets main/reserve ect like on the RF600 (just to know if the 900 one will flow more fuel then the 600)
  9. one other thing i forgot is tank needs to be lifted slightly at the back and pushed forwards about 10mm or the fuel tap lands on top of the rear oil feed and wont sit down into the frame i cut the front rubber mount to get tank forwards and shaved the botom of the tap almost to the bolt hole but if doing it again id shave the mount instead of the rubber or get a smaller tap
  10. Heatz

    new carbs

    what bike are they off? i will soon have access to a set from a 750J or bandit 6
  11. problem i have is the float bowl gaskets are not holding down the float assembly/float needle seat properly so fuel flow dos'nt stop and dumps fuel into the oil
  12. Heatz

    new carbs

    dont have the funds for them atm otherwise id snap yer arm off
  13. Heatz

    new carbs

    id prefer to keep the airbox but its not the end of the world to go pods just want my bike running again
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