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  1. Hi text I'm struggling getting the right front sprocket for my 82 gs1100... the company i used superseded the original, but didnt fit. Ive attached photo of new and old. Can you help please. Cheers
  2. Thanks so much for that. Having a cheeky little read of their website. I don't do the tinterweb much and wanna make sure that I is gonna buy the right thing as the few times I have before I have gotten the wrong thing.. so this old dog is trying to learn new tricks. So thanks for the pointers. Much help
  3. Am in a quandary. Am wanting to replace the sprocket and chain on my 82 gs1100e. Was hoping for some direction by the wise at to where and what I have to look for. Nt:42 is what the book says, but I don't wanna be burnt by buying inferior products and have heard stories of more toothed rear sprockets out there that will fit. What are the pros and cons please.
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