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  1. help me get a new wiring harness for my gsxr 1100 where can i buy a new or well used one which is ok
  2. hi have bought a set heavy duty valve springs for suzuki GSXR1100 1991 oil cooled M N APE heavy duty valve springs. need info how do i check for 40 lbs seat pressure height when the springs are new what do they mean
  3. paolo0045


    found them at csc moto mototechnik gmbh but they are quite expensive but when driving gsxr 1100 it does not matter
  4. paolo0045


    I want to build a turbo gsxr 1100 .I bought them here for the carburetor .is in aluminum. should keep the pressure better
  5. paolo0045


    need help installing it. what do i use to tighten ?
  6. here are some photos of my engine 1100 m 1991. it song in a gear
  7. Do you mean GSX 1200 bandit, years from time to
  8. i have a gsxr 1100 1991.where the gearbox is broken. what is the other engine that the gearbox wants together?
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