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  1. Rhubarb

    wheel swap

    Anything is achievable with will and ingenuity. As said theres loads of info on here just gotta go for a browse. And as for not Oss standard practice.... Look my project up. Entirely Suzuki, well maybe not the rear wheel... But otherwise defective of everything else expected Welcome dude
  2. Are you confident the wires are going to the correct places? If your getting light with a direct feed then I would suggest one of those cables is in the wrong place or your earth is not good. Failing that if it's original wiring cables coukd have corroded
  3. Chaps Are there any bigger wheels that work as a direct replacement to the standard 16" on an 83 es or would I breaching caliper to disc sizing... Need to put something bigger on the front, an 18 would be great but have a feeling I may need to change fork setup to achieve this. Feeling very noob right now so look forward to some advice
  4. If you sell the vm29 carbs I'd be interested my man
  5. Caustic soda doesn't work so well anymore I tried this with my wheels very recently and whilst it softens the paint a little and removes miniscule amounts it didn't actually work.
  6. Drill some holes in existing yokes and fit risers dude job done
  7. Following intently
  8. Quick one Yokes seem to fit fine, steering stem too, top bearing seems solid but bottom bearing has play, compete 360 movement Is it easier to fit a gs set of yokes or am I missing a trick here..... Gs1000 is 1979 and gsx750 is 1983 Thanks
  9. If I know exactly what size then sure
  10. Thanks man I'd appreciate that. Don't have side ones just have the front one and then the at the rear
  11. Is it m8? If it is that's all I need to know I can make the rest from there
  12. It's at the front dude there is one bolt that goes through the crankcase housing. If I had one I could take to a shop I'd be sorted sadly I don't not
  13. Because I'm an idiot I've lost the bolt for the engine mount at the front I've looked on a few sites but everywhere seems to have no stock. Does any good soul know where I might get one ? Or even the sizing so I could source
  14. Useful to know but definitely what I'm trying to avoid.... But it's an option at least
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