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  1. Long gone, it I have been tinkering from time to time on it. So. I gave up and dropped the bike off at a shop. Mechanic said he started from the beginning and cleaned the carbs. Said they were already pretty clean. Said that they were not wildly out of synch either. The fuel line seems like it was pinched, and the fuel filter was changed out for a higher flow item. Also, there was no clamp on the vacuum line for the pet cock. she was starving of fuel. I could get it to rev without the tank, but always bottomed out when I tried to ride it. Took it out for a spin today. Impressions ar
  2. Ok. Due to injury and wood splitting most of the summer so I have winter heat..... I’m just getting back on the ball. She lives!! I used a hot pine sol bath for a few hours and then cleaned them until I could not smell pine sol. The choke plugs then seized up. I pulled them out and polished them all and they work a treat now. Getting everything back together let her actually roar through the rev range for the first time!!! Response is a little fluffy, but I will balance them to clean it up. I put the tank back and I could barely get it to idle cleanly and it revs shitty. The clear
  3. I read your write up. That’s an amazing bike. Fantastic work. I have the carbs off now and will check the emulsion tubes before I put them back on. I have the exhaust gaskets but it is 33 deg this morning and my garage is not insulated. As for the flooding question, that was once the bike has been running. From cold I have always needed the choke. Next question: so if I’m sold on the ultrasonic cleaner, what size should I be looking at, and what kind of cleaning solution will I need? Thank you all for your input.
  4. Emulsion tube ovaling is a new term for me. I pulled them and polished them.
  5. The rubber plugs are on the pilot jet. I got them and put them on. Much to the anger of a couple of other threads. Huge arguments broke out over the purpose of those. But I want it running stick before I mess with anything. Thanks for the link! Will read.
  6. Floats were adjusted, and she fires right back up every time. Choke or no choke. Thanks for asking. Still trying to out think the problem.
  7. I broke the carbs down completely and used carb spray and compressed air. A flash light to make sure all the passages were open. Mans a wife that buys bikes is pretty good. She lets me get away with a lot. She’s a keeper!
  8. All things I have considered. Always wanted a turbo charged bike, I have a ninja 900 street fighter with a new motor ready to replace the cracked one. Thinking about putting a turbo in it first. But the wee bandito is my wife’s bike. None stock to start....
  9. So my wife bought this wee bandito and I have to fix it. I have tried everything I thought of. Airbox fixed, exhaust patched, returned to normal jetting, pilot hole plug replaced, carbs CLEANED (x6), boots checked, starting fluid sprayed around carbs and airbox. No changes at all. She will idle, and choke brings the revs to about 5k. But if you touch the throttle it dies. Every time. My latest attempt at a fix is I noticed that there are no exhaust gaskets in the header. Those are ordered and will be put in when I get some propane to heat the garage this week. Mid this
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