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  1. T25 from a 95-99 dsm might be what you're looking for. The cold side is different but the turbine housing is the same bolt pattern
  2. Thanks for the replies, I'm getting a Venhill kit.
  3. I have 2001 gsxr throttle bodies and throttle on my 89 gsxf. I am using my old throttle cable (single cable) but it sticks upon release. The factory cables for the gsxr are a dual push/pull style. I am having trouble finding the dual cables that are long enough to fit my gsxf. Does anybody know if there are factory cables long enough for my need?
  4. http://www.viatrack.ca This is a knock sensor that can be used with microsquirt. I installed it on my bike but I haven't started the bike yet so I cannot comment on functionality.
  5. I installed a 24 tooth trigger wheel. Updated the firmware to msextra and still no start. I'm using microsquirt v3, gsxr cop with a Bosch "211" igniter. Has anybody used this set up before?
  6. It will fit if you make a housing for it. An internet search produced a solution in the attached picture.
  7. I want a mechanical scavenge pump but I am having trouble finding one that requires very little modification. I can build one but Im being lazy and looking for an easy solution. I might go this route because of cost and availability.
  8. Where can I purchase one of these?
  9. How noisy is this pump? Ive had a facet pump on my old pick up truck and it was very loud
  10. Ts is showing 250 rpm while cranking seems like it should be higher than that. The coils are firing the spark looked kind of weak. It almost started yesterday and I noticed the injector pulse width was up to 24ms. I think I'll pull the injectors and clean/check the spray pattern. I drilled a hole in the rear of the trigger wheel and rotated it to position tooth 1 at 90° but I must have a crooked eye because its approx. 87° btdc. This is not a picture of the actual wheel. I do only see 3 "teeth" on the above pictured log.
  11. Im trying to use a modified stock signal generator with a microsquirt v3. The bike won't start. The "long tooth" has been cut off and the remaining holes welded and smoothed. I have rotated the signal generator so that tooth #1 is about 87° btdc. While testing the vr wires voltage rises first then goes negative so believe i have the polarity correct. I am using gsxr cop with a bosch 0211 ignitor, wasted spark
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