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  1. Just waiting for some nice weather here in Wisconsin
  2. Awesome, good luck! I’d be interested in that kit from Pete if your selling it?
  3. Alright well it’s been a while (one hell of a year actually) but motor is in, electrical is sorted, and just waiting for some finishing touches-but it’s up and running!
  4. Where in the states are you? Looks like a kit from Pete. I have one also
  5. Me too, because I did an entire write up on how to put a bandit motor into a gsx750f... but nobody liked it because I accidentally called it what every American does.. oops
  6. I did this a few months back. 97 b12 motor into a 91 gsx750f frame. It’s not that hard. I kept everything mostly stock, but some parts do have to be interchanged so it helps if you have both motors at the ready. Gsx750f has cable clutch, bandit is hydraulic. Sprocket covers are different which causes a issue but think it out and can work either way. 1200 motor is taller so slight modification to the upper crossmember of the frame is needed. Think I did it in a weekend.
  7. Well it runs so I must have done something right
  8. The bike is a ‘91 gsx750f. (Is this not a gsx-f?) It is oil/air cooled inline 4- four stroke. (same as the bandit motor I put in it.) The motor that came out was total junk. I gave it new life. Don’t know what’s so terrible about that. Guess I’ll go read TFR again!
  9. is It a hydraulic clutch? Might want to look into a different master cylinder not clutch itself.
  10. Almost forgot! I was fortunate enough to have both complete bikes during the swap so that helped but I did also swap over the cam breather cover which had to be slightly modified to fit over the two phillips screws under the original bandit breather cover. The 750’s was not nearly as tall which made fitting the motor into the frame possible! otherwise no chance...
  11. Chadillac

    B12 swap

    Not sure how many others have done this but I just finished putting a ‘97 bandit 1200 motor in a ‘91 kat 750. I did have to modify the frame ever so slightly with a torch/hammer, (not grinder) and same with the headers, but it truly did bolt right up after doing so. I used the katana cable clutch sprocket cover with no modifications and didn’t have to worry about the speedo pickup because it is located on the front hub on that year katana. Also, I put the katanas alternator in the bandit motor using the bandits cog. It’s not running just yet, still have a few things on the katana harness to pl
  12. Yes it’s Adams. Not cheap but looks awesome !
  13. Little bit at a time. HD studs on the way, brakes rebuilt, drag bars on. Did I mention busa rods are in?! Super excited about that. Cylinders next.
  14. Alright finally parts are back!! got all the bearings in and forks rebuilt. Also did a shotgun tail-light kit from powerbronze which looks awesome. Rebuilding the calipers now and waiting for new rotors while tinkering with the motor. Busa rods are in! That’s about it for today.
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