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  1. Agree with Baldrick, black and red is definitely the scheme to go for.
  2. Suban12

    The Beast!

    Weirdest thread I think I've seen for a while......
  3. Looks good Rdu.Little details that make the difference overall.
  4. Suban12

    Crankcase vent.

    Interesting info here dupersunc.Do you have any pics for reference?3 breathers on my turbo bandit but never thought about crankcase mods..food for thought for next build.....
  5. That's what I've got on mine.Works no problem.Had it on for a few years now.
  6. Fitted mine in standard Mk 1 bandit 12 rubbers.Bit tight but was doable .Heated rubbers and used ratchet strap to fit.
  7. Good info there.Didnt realise float height would change so soon under boost. Found my set up to be way off original setting when I went in to check heights.
  8. Thanks for the info.Will try the 16mm setting to see what happens..sorry to hear about ur piston adventure.I know the feeling I had some problems like that in the beginning too.
  9. 99 Bandit 36 cv carbs.What float heights u guys using on turbo application?Took the bike out for a run last night and found to be running real rich low down in rev range.Checked heights today and found them to be low .Does 16mm sound about what they should be set at to compensate for fuel pressure from pump?Stock is 14mm iirc.Just wat to confirm thank you gents.
  10. Nice project you have going on.Think I bought the forks and stuff off you the other week.Small world eh.
  11. Hopefully carb clean fixes this for you.I presume that you checked valve clearances prior to carb balance?If you are going to the dyno I would make sure engine health is good ie good compression readings on all 4 cylinders,valve clearances are good and new plugs all around. Did this running problem happen after the bike had sat for a few months or did it get worse as you continued to ride the bike over a period of time?Or are these carbs new to the bike?
  12. Same set up as Foz on mine.Had them for a few years and no issues .
  13. B12 is hyvo chain and 1100f is regular chain.So not the same cam sprockets.
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