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  1. Is the bolt spacing the same for the gsx750f rear caliper? I have one on mine but used gsxr rear wheel and disc so used the gsx mounting bracket. Mike
  2. I had a boss welded on to do away with the vacuum taps. Currently on a HD tap. Same thread as the pingel.
  3. Works lightly on low torque, and increases the plate pressure as the torque increases. The slipper clutches lift the plates for you when there is a high torque in the reverse direction. Got to be possible. You might find if you slipped the clutch to set off too fast it would prevent you slipping it . No idea really. The point is that many riders do have a problem with heavy clutches, as evidenced by the number of queries on how to make it lighter. But as I've said, I've no idea how it could be done practically.
  4. That's for one of the drag clutches that uses centrifugal force to load up the clutch. My invention would slide up a ramp like a slipper clutch in reverse. As soon as you ease the throttle the ramp would back off, and allow normal operation. Just an idea though.
  5. As soon as you ease the throttle off the cam would unload? Maybe.
  6. I've often wondered if the opposite to a slipper clutch could be made. Light springs that are backed up with a load related cam. Not a DIY job for most people though. There's a lot of us that struggle, or find the clutches to be heavy. Mike
  7. I'm sure I took mine out, and got an extra plate in, or maybe not. Definitely removed the wire and other bits. Clutch worked at least as well as before. Mike
  8. I believe mine to be gsxr1100k, they have adjustment. Not sure on the length but speed bumps can cause the exhaust to scrape.
  9. The rear one works as a spacer, so im guessing thats why its been ground down a bit. i got a spacer made up as it was a tidier job than modifying the original part. mike
  10. Ibbo


    Thats more than I knew by quite a bit. thanks. Does it fit straight in?
  11. Ibbo


    I have an ET motor, and I'm wondering if there are any advantages to fitting the EFE gearbox in it. Does anyone know what the differences are? Thanks Mike
  12. I'm currently very happy with my 20mm over Maxton rear shocks. Not sure they've made much difference to sharpening the steering, but it doesnt wallow fully laden, or tramping on round fast bends. Mike
  13. Not worth doing for a fairly standard road bike. thanks mike
  14. Ive had a look round, and not found any info on modifying the pickup. Can you advise a bit more on what could be done? thanks Mike
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