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  1. Ibbo

    Air vs Oil

    thankyou all for the information. currently i'm leaning to a gsxr charging system on the 1075 lump. 1kg off the crank is big numbers to me. if anyone wishes to offer a deal on a straight frame for bike no 2 i'm happy to start a new build, but i think air cooled is my love. i once had a 199hp dyno chart with tts. long live the roller crank.
  2. Its a very handy epoxy. Should keep a bit under the seat. Just mix the 2 thick pastes together , and then apply to a clean surface. Smooth with a wet digit. Once set can be drilled, painted etc. I use grey I think. Cheapest one.
  3. Milliput is currently doing a similar duty for me on a petrol tank. Mike
  4. Ibbo

    Air vs Oil

    A car indeed. We go camping, and prefer to be independent of mains supplies. maybe solar would help. The grips help me wear thinner gloves on brit summer days. I struggle with thicker ones, and cold hands hurt nowadays. I wish I had more room for bikes.
  5. Ibbo

    Air vs Oil

    The Mosfet regulator does help. I find it difficult to keep heated grips, headlight, and phone charging going though.
  6. Ibbo

    Air vs Oil

    Keep the aircooled bike with it's current engine. Then build another bike with an oilcooled engine so you get the best of both I like your way of thinking.
  7. Ibbo

    Air vs Oil

    I'm putting this in the aircooled because I'm after the opinion of anyone who has swapped engines from Air to Oil cooled. Specifically I'm looking at GSX1100 ET to GSXR1100. I can see some advantages to the swap, 25?kg lighter, better charging system, possibly a little more power. Maybe more tolerance to hot weather? There are some disadvantages, the aircooled fits the frame slightly better, lower revs, and more torque. The look of the air cooled appeals. If you have done the swap, did it work out how you expected? Can you tell it's lighter? Is it thirstier? Tank range is a bugb
  8. Chain saw files come in different diameters, and are good to slot cam sprockets. mike
  9. hi Wraith, why did you go back? mike
  10. First run out with maxtons fitted today. I was 2 up, so its only first impression really did around 100 miles round Dorset. Fitted easily with no problems. They don't supply the lower yoke bolt with the shocks. My old ones were threaded into the yoke, the motors need a nut on the back. There's room so no problems. They're 20mm longer, and in my head the steering ought to be sharper, got to say I can't really feel it. Currently they are comfier, moderately compliant and I now have a fairly well controlled back wheel. no wallowing on faster corners. The damping adjustment I c
  11. Fair point. I forget sometimes.
  12. The people of our wider communities, the good people of the oss, everyone really. British manufacturing should be supported as long as its good.
  13. british manufactured shocks. We should buy british if we can, and if theyre worth having. time will tell.
  14. im waiting for a new pair of maxton's. when they get here I will give you a review. I could only afford the std gas shocks, not the remote reservoir ones. They're about £600 delivered to my spec. Mike
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