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  1. I will recommend to get better front forks. 10 years old forks are really good and quite cheap.
  2. How did it work out for the third guy? Is it still running? What was his trick(s) for making it work?
  3. I used a bandit axle, and cut down an bandit spacer 6mm on the right side, skimmed 2mm off the caliper where it mates the hanger. This is a slab side as you see.
  4. How did it ride with the st2 cams? Throttle response, midrange etc.
  5. How rigid is a frame like that? What's the size of the tank?
  6. I have found a good and sound 1100 arm that appears to be straight. But insanely expensive. Actually all I have found on the net have been very expensive. So if I could upgrade to an better swingarm for the same or less money, I would opt for that
  7. Super... Have you tried it out. Im desperate here.
  8. Hello and welcome. An important upgrade to the 1100w engines is good port of the cylinder head and larger inlet valves. It really frees up the engine. The bst40 goes a long way with a good exhaust to match
  9. Ive been looking around for swingarms and I can get a decent one cheap from an water-cooled 1100 with damper/lever/dogbones/rear axle/pivot axle. Will it fit? From what I can rest on our interchangeable chart it should. But will it in the real world?
  10. Quite sure I got a 750. But I'll have to check it up tomorrow night. The rear wheel is also acting up.
  11. Is there any way to tell for sure if the swingarm is from an 750? And don't the 750 have dog bones?
  12. Could be. Has the length of an 1100
  13. How is the eccentric bearing supposed to sit?
  14. It's an 1100 lever. But something must be off. The only thing I can find is that the shock is 327mm unloaded
  15. My cushion sits like this, and only give 50mm of travel before the shock hits the swingarm. Wrong lever maybe?
  16. Has anyone else than me run into problems with installing an 327mm rear shock in an slabside 1100?
  17. manden


    Ok. It's what I got now with oem suza plates and works fine in a 160+ hp motor. But I'm m worried with the new and hopefully much beefier motor. What does turbo guys run?
  18. Keep us updated with reliability. I have heard of high failure percentage, but I have no hands on experience on 6 speeds in 1100+ engines. Both 750 I've had worked ok.
  19. manden


    Anyone have a good suggestion about a really strong clutch at a realistic price?
  20. carpenter makes good work. wasnt too expensive about 10 years ago. dont know their current prices
  21. Because I have the motor, the barrels and the pistons. It would make my crosscart alot better I think.
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