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  1. manden


    i also think it runs on a single map anyway. so no difference
  2. manden

    better clutch

    my clutch basket is shot on my 89ยด engine. does any one has suggestions for an cheap, light weight and strong clutch solution? thanks
  3. old fzr1000 has one that fits and flows a little better
  4. Maybe just baffle the tank when it's open. Make a better low point for fuel exit, and a better flowing fuel crane
  5. Cush rubbers maybe?
  6. I'm thinking of doing it to mine as well. Prolly give a 23l tank :)
  7. 145 probably gaivea a good nice lean top end, but extremely lean in the mid range. There should be a small mid range jet on those carbs. Maybe give em a couple of sizes up
  8. Could be something like that
  9. I've got an 1990 750 head on one of my 1100 engines. And it is an shims head. 1992 was the first water-cooled 750
  10. On the 750 the l and m have shims head on the 1100 the m and n have shims head
  11. Sorry I can't remember exact enough
  12. i have 91 yokes with an gsxr1000 k6 legs in it and its like night and day, but i did also had other brakes and a good front rim upgrade at the same time. the actual ride hight wasnt lower in the front.
  13. Looks awesome with the wheels. Triumph?
  14. No. Haven't had the disiplin to have turbo bikes ;)
  15. I think I'll might hit 190hp if it all works well together. Now I'm at 160ish
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