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  1. carpenter makes good work. wasnt too expensive about 10 years ago. dont know their current prices
  2. Because I have the motor, the barrels and the pistons. It would make my crosscart alot better I think.
  3. Do you have any vid through the gears?
  4. A 920cc 49mm stroke would be fun
  5. Anyone knows if cylinder block from 78mm 1100k engine fits bandit 600 casings?
  6. manden


    Straight needles now
  7. manden


    Run these or standard single hole slides?
  8. manden


    It's how suzuki describe why they did it.
  9. I remember them as being shorter.
  10. manden


    Standard the needle is angled against the emulsion tube for "silent operation in idle"
  11. The one I took out wasn't the original one I found out on the 26tooth cunt. The one I bolted in was from an 89 k model with 28 teeth. There is a post about it here a few months old with pictures
  12. I've got a slingshot alternator on my slabby 11. Works fine. Better vented too.
  13. manden


    I'm doing it Tuesday. Happy plinger day
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