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  1. My 750WR from Germany had 25kW in papers;) Washers and reducers were inscribed. Washers have not been found and this is probably why this motorcycle was real estate at the time of purchase. But the reducers were very restrictive (38mm carburetors).
  2. That's what this place is for :)
  3. I know. I bought the only used ones available in my country: P
  4. Use inazuma 1200 rubbers
  5. I forgot about the rocker arm. You're right. Two more teeth in the front is actually six less in the rear. As for the sprocket cover - I have a 1052 cover in 1157. This critical bolt is not compatible with the crankcase.
  6. Wouldn't it be easier to change the rear sprocket?
  7. The exhaust manifold from Zuma fits plug @ play. Honestly, I don't know how they differ from the Blandit, and since I don't have any in the garage at the moment, I'll stay in this ignorance: P
  8. Thanks. I will soon check it with a living organism
  9. Hi. Quick question. The exhaust manifold from Inazuma 1200 is interchangeable with the exhaust manifold from GSF1200 mk1? Doesn't interfere with the frame? Or with an oil pan?
  10. Finally I found some time to do a little more than 50km;) Jakuszyce in the rain are terribly cold; P Suspension and brakes brought new quality, the next 15 years I can ride this motorcycle
  11. Now there is no shame in the family: P
  12. If you said A, then you have to say B. 5.5 inch wheel installed. I think from RW There should be a new tire tomorrow
  13. At 99% on the front wheel from SRAD is a directional arrow I'll be home from work in the morning and I'll check it out. Unless the front wheel I put on is not from SRAD :P
  14. Returning to the rear wheel idea After careful study of the catalogs, the SRAD 600 rim drops off. I will not choose such bearings that it works in the teapot rocker arm. I can only choose the wheel from GSXRW or B12. A topic for further reflection. This season, My Wife will not go too much with me anyway, because she is looking after our litle daughter, and I am riding on one person GSXRW: P I don't know how you are, but I have beautiful weather. Take advantage of Sunday, unfortunately I will sit at work until 7pm.
  15. Can I ? Dammit, who should I contact? The problem is that I don't really see anything interesting for myself in the current offer: P However, if there is such a compulsion, then please gsxr1000 or gsx1300r (probably somewhere else are they new?) :)
  16. Hey! Last months are very dynamic. In January I became a father, then a pandemic attacked us, so I have a lot of work (I'm a paramedic in emergency services). Closing the borders blocked my family motorcycle project, because the parts are still in Ukraine: / (in a word, I will not mention here, because the base is a motorcycle on Y). I decided to improve the GSX750/1157F Teapot, after the new tires and factory fairings bought last year it's time for specifics :) On the local classifieds site I came across a front suspension from the SRAD 750. It didn't look good, but the price allowed me to take the risk. I went, looked and bought. Hmmm .... what have we got here? Front fender from GSXRW, brake calipers with GSXR 750 K1? Sterring stem incomplete and in a not very satisfactory condition: P What to do? Phone, computer and we work :) In the coming days should come all the necessary pieces of the puzzle. The photo will be added as the work progresses :) PS: Improvement is more than expected. I do not like the fender I have, I have to look for something prettier PS2: Now it would fall out to change the rear rim to something wider. Will srad 600 be a good solution?
  17. I have a few moments to work in the garage, so I create an emergency option ... if the water heart could not stand it ....: P Unless I can mess up my GSX1200F first
  18. I do not know: P I bought this motorcycle in this condition as in the first photos in this topic. Subframe under the seat is cut and the original fluid reservoir is in the seat. The rear lamp definitely comes with RGV 250
  19. I forgot to show that the motorcycle normally goes for recreational trips :) After painting, I have already visited Germany, and I did not have time for photos: P Old church in the Czech Republic, snow in the Giant Mountains :)
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