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  1. ok, so it fits with little adjustments, but it fits, thanks for the reply
  2. Hello, I've got a 750 gsxr frame, but it's missing an engine, I found a 1100f for really cheap and next to my home, but I don't know if it'll fit into my frame... anyone here did the trick ? thanks in advance
  3. Hi, I'm searching for a direct swap (or with minimal modifications), for a 750 slabby, I'm searching for something more powerfull and lighter than the genuine one. thanks in advance
  4. Thanks for replies so... It's a standard throttle cable, and it's not too tight, the "wheel" (where the throttle cable is connected) is touching the carbs, (it's nor easy to explain, but the iddle is set to minimum with the iddle screw, that is not touching anymore the "wheel"). so now, i can increase the rpm by tighten the screw, but not decrease as the screw is set to zero and the RPM is too high... config is : VM29SS + individual K/N filters + Yoshi steel duplex exhaust, the bike runs really well anywhere else, it's just the idle that's causing (minor) problem to me... I also watched if there was some air intake but nope...
  5. Hi My slabby runs really fine but my problem is that the idle rpm is too high, I've loosen the idle screw To the max, and it's not even touching the screw... Any ideas ?
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