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  1. Really great advice from Dezza and Toni. The only thing I can add is undo/loosen the bolt while in the triple clamp. as Dezza said the damper rod normally have shaped recess. I have been in the same situation on a set of GSX 750ET (1980) forks. But the damper rods were just round. I used a sharped broom handle and a big hammer. One hell of a bodge but it worked for me. also I manual impact driver can help, may just shock it free.
  2. Engine size? year?
  3. Crap photo of mine. Your selector shaft doesn’t look to be seated with the selector drum ( resting on the bottom of the casing). You may have lost the c-clip on the gear shifter side of the shaft and pushed the shaft through. It doesn’t take a lot. also you may have lost the locating pin between the shaft and the drum.
  4. I’ve never installed a dynatek s. But are you sure it’s 100% correct, as it wouldn’t help if timing was out.
  5. A bit too flash for me.
  6. Low to high beam is on the left hand switch gear. up and down on the same switch for indercators
  7. I have a 750 of the the same year. I think they are the same (I’m sure if wrong I will be corrected). lights are operated on the right hand switch on (low beam) / side light / off
  8. Photo of front brake switch as Gixer1460 described well.
  9. Looks great. What are you using? Front end and swingarm
  10. Delkevic here. Came on a project bike. On a 90 mile shake down ride this may. It was very load
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