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  1. Really great advice from Dezza and Toni. The only thing I can add is undo/loosen the bolt while in the triple clamp. as Dezza said the damper rod normally have shaped recess. I have been in the same situation on a set of GSX 750ET (1980) forks. But the damper rods were just round. I used a sharped broom handle and a big hammer. One hell of a bodge but it worked for me. also I manual impact driver can help, may just shock it free.
  2. Crap photo of mine. Your selector shaft doesn’t look to be seated with the selector drum ( resting on the bottom of the casing). You may have lost the c-clip on the gear shifter side of the shaft and pushed the shaft through. It doesn’t take a lot. also you may have lost the locating pin between the shaft and the drum.
  3. I’ve never installed a dynatek s. But are you sure it’s 100% correct, as it wouldn’t help if timing was out.
  4. Low to high beam is on the left hand switch gear. up and down on the same switch for indercators
  5. I have a 750 of the the same year. I think they are the same (I’m sure if wrong I will be corrected). lights are operated on the right hand switch on (low beam) / side light / off
  6. Photo of front brake switch as Gixer1460 described well.
  7. Looks great. What are you using? Front end and swingarm
  8. Delkevic here. Came on a project bike. On a 90 mile shake down ride this may. It was very load
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