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  1. Thanks all for the input / ideas - appologies for the (very) late reply. Off to the shop to find a CV equipped model head :-).
  2. Thanks Rijko, the reason for the whole exercise wasn't really for wanting some extra oomph but more because of the existing carbs being worn out - no surprise since they are almost 40 years old. I suppose this means that the options are limited to finding a better set of original carbs.
  3. Good evening all, small introduction; the name is Dave andI live in the far and exotic Belgium. I'm rather new to the aircooled Suzuki's - more familiar with the oil cooled bikes - and I am looking into replacing the tired old carbs of my recente aquired GS1000 with a set of new Mikuni RS flatslides. What I would like to ask is: - what would be the best carb size; the engine is completely stock so I am thinking 34mm. - can I reuse the original carb rubbers (seems not likely since the OD of the Mikuni's is 40mm versus the OD of the original carbs being 34mm) - Topham states
  4. To be honest I never bothered with steering dampers on my 1100M - never had any issue's riding without one.
  5. Hmmmm, waiting for a JMC swingarm - now where did we hear this before :-).
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