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  1. 1 hour ago, TonyGee said:

    yes its just a cover over the fuel sender, if the sender leaks fuel the cover will catch it and the fuel will drain down a hose to safety. 

    That also makes sense!

  2. A M8 of mine has got a similar spec in a Blandit (with maybe not so much headwork and CR) and tried my new set of 41's, got dyno'd and mega power but ultimately quite unsatisfying on the road! As said above, at town speeds they were lumpy and a fraction too much twist action was a potentially licence losing scenario! I got them back and gave him some 36mm RS's which although down on power (maybe 10-12hp) are perfect for 'everyday' whilst still having licence loss potential :pimp:

    ps. the 41's were / are destined for my 1460 engine - should be perfectly suited, if I ever get my arse in gear and do it!

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  3. The carb top spigots work as well - this is were most vacuum operated fuel taps get their source from (usually only one though). Don't forget the diaphragm moves the slides with vacuum which is present above it ie. below the cap.

  4. 11 hours ago, Pegleg said:

    So could you return the oil via a fitting in the sump plug? Like a banjo fitting?

    No you can't ! If turbo centreline is anywhere close to oil level, no drainage would occur.

    6 hours ago, Reinhoud said:

    Works with a reed valve, like in a 2 stroke engine.

    Apparently it works alright, I can't find any photo's. Couple of guys in The Netherlands have it like that.

    The Hahn Racecraft system was copied quite a bit back in the 90's but its a lot of faffing around to get the right thickness spring steel for the 'reed' and internal plumbing around the sump to get oil from turbo to pick-up. You'd either succeed or you wouldn't, and you'd normally find out with damaged bearings! Rule of KISS - use either electric or mechanical scavenge!

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  5. And a bigger bore master won't neccessarily give you 'better' brakes - it will reduce lever travel but produce lower system pressure at the caliper pistons! Unless you know what you are doing - stick with the 'usual' 14mm bore size . . . . . . . and the YT advice is bollux, bore size makes no difference to bleeding!

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  6. 10 hours ago, gorbys said:

    The dyna uses ONE magnet. It has TWO pickups. When it passes the left pickup, it triggers cyl 1-4 to fire. When it passes the right one it triggers cylinders 2-3 to fire. 

    The points ignition uses ONE lobe, and TWO points. When it passes and lifts the left point, it triggers cyl 1-4 to fire, then the lobe spins 180 degrees clockwise and lifts the right point triggering cyl 2-3 to fire. 

    Thats how it works in a waste spark system like the gs has. 

    You've just repeated what I wrote! :stop:

    Its not nice to get sarky if someone is trying to help! I haven't the benefit of having the antiquated shite in front of me to see whats what! :(

  7. If there is only one lobe then there is a set of points missing LOL! Or you have two to many cylinders!

    A Dyna S has a rotor with one magnet but two pick-ups 180 deg. apart - the same would be true if using points!

    If no 2nd set of points there is nothing to fire the 2&3 coil - it shouldn't be working at all!

  8. That's a drain for water that collects around the cap - it is connected internally to the bottom of the tank and then via a tube to below the engine. Many have assumed the same thing!

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  9. 7 minutes ago, Digs said:

    and blown a bit of compressed air through the tank breather no change unfortunately. 

    ? ? ? - tank vents through the cap assembly so how did you blow air through it?

  10. Just now, Rod said:

    Only stopped when I turned the ignition off. I was thinking fuel tap problem, unlikely all four floats are stuck, what do you think.

    Seems to imply you have a fuel pump! And if so either the pressure is too high or all 4 float jets are compromised!

  11. Doesn't make much sense as surely the rotor must have a lobe each side, 180 degrees apart, so unless one lobe (the 2-3 in this case) is stupidly worn, the firing point should be same as 1-4 but 180 degrees away? The points cam wiper does wear but you adjust the points to account for that and restore the correct gap !

  12. 4 hours ago, gsxwill said:


    I thought I'd get buy with this old pickaxe handle :pimp:IMG_20230711_132412.thumb.jpg.6a8825d0e9bad8f2e019f99ab5bd9deb.jpg

    That'll work ok if you throw it into the spokes - not very subtle breaking though! xD

  13. If aftermarket, then something akin to a Mocal 19 row std. width will cope with most things. It may be 'cool and stylish' to have a small cooler which may cope with day to day running but not so clever on a hot day stuck in traffic and cooking the engine - just my personal opinion!

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